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Mysore practice 30/11/18

I couldn't practice yesterday as I had to go to the hospital in the morning and had to leave for Paris. I came to Paris for work and didn't have time to practice. So today early morning, I went to Mysore practice. Luckily there was a shala only 10-min walk away from my hotel. I arrived there around 6:45am and the teacher came 5 min later.

My first Mysore practice in Paris (and outside Brussels) went well. Though I was thinking too much about everything. I was worried about being late for work and was distracted by new environment. During the practice, teacher opened my shoulder in parivrtta trikonasana and said see(or feel) where he wants to go. In janu sirsasana B, he told me there should be torsion in the lower belly when I am down. I tried to have my chin outside of the leg. Teacher also helped me in supta kurmasana. Ah he also told me to bend my knees more when I jump back. And for the first time.... I forgot to to do one asana which was supta konasana.. :-( And I also didn't do drop back and come up. I was not sure whether I should ask the teacher...and at the same time I wanted to leave the shala on time so I wouldn't be late for work. Oh and in ubhaya padangusthasana I came up at one go with holding the toes! I always had some difficulties in holding the toes or balancing after rolling up but today went almost perfect. I didn't sweat much today but overall it was a nice practice. Also very nice to try new place and new teacher.

At Yoga Village in Paris on 30/11/18(Fri) from 06:55 to 08:25

Teacher: Patrick Frapeau


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