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Practice through body changes

In the last post, I mentioned I didn't have any pain. Well, after I wrote that post I had a severe pain inside the left elbow. In the beginning it felt like a minor muscle discomfort but after about a week it became serious. So I talked to my friend in Brussels who had a similar issue before and she advised me to talk to a GP or physiotherapist. So I talked to a very funny physiotherapist (she told me to cut my arm off if the pain grow too much 😨), and she told me it is a 'golfer's elbow'. She sent me some exercises to do and a link to buy an elbow brace. I immediately started with the exercise and I kept my Ashtanga asana practice same as usual. I just pressed hard onto my knuckles as my friend recommended and at times I wouldn't feel the pain as my body got warmer. When I had the first consultation, she told me to book another appointment if it doesn't get better in 3-4 weeks. And magically the pain went away after 3 weeks! Yay I didn't need to cut my arm off! So my body again became painless but I started my fertility treatment from the end of June. With hormone injections , my body started to change and my abdomen area felt very heavy. So I had to cut down my asana practice and it was actually much easier to 'let go' than I'd thought. By the time I started injecting hormones, I learned eka pada sirsasana just a week ago. So I thought it would be difficult to now cut down my practice till half primary. But no, it was okay. I think I can finally and confidently say that I do not have attachment to asanas (- but I still talk about asanas a lot 🤔😁). My focus has shifted more to the breathing and even with half primary, sometimes I practiced for 90 min. At the moment one major part of the treatment (egg collection) is done so I could practice the whole primary series. Though it's still difficult to engage bandhas as my belly still has some fluid inside. Another change to my practice is that I was asked to assist Hamish for 4 weeks from the last week of June. I felt so honoured and super happy to do so. It felt really good finally adjusting people in real life. I am learning a lot and having heaps of fun! So there has been many exciting things happening in my life and I hope this continues with the treatment....! 🤞

Practice with friends is always 🥰


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