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14 March 2020 (Sat) 1-4pm

Yoga Room Plasky


This workshop offers you an opportunity to learn the full sequence of the Ashtanga primary series and to familiarize yourself with the vinyasa count and the Sanskrit names of asanas.

We will focus on the four main principles of Ashtanga Yoga:

1) Asana: A detailed explanation of how to get into each pose + possible adjustments and modifications
2) Breath: How to synchronize your inhalations and exhalations with your movement.
3) Drishti: Learn the gazing point for each asana and its importance.
4) Bandhas: How and where to engage the three internal locks.

We will also explore the physical benefits of the asanas. Learning these fundamentals will allow you to experience the discipline, focus and an awareness of your breath during practice. You will leave the workshop with an understanding of how to practice the Ashtanga full-primary series safely, respectfully and with confidence.

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