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Mysore Again

I am here again in Mysore. I came to practise with Sharathji for a month like I did in 2020 January just before Covid hit every parts of the world. This time everything is different. Foremost, my attitude. I was not mentally well prepared for the trip 2.5 years ago. Now I am. I still find the weather of this season (rainy) horrible but my practice wise, I am content. When I came here from the first practice day, I felt the familiar pain which was 'malaria' pain. And I was hospitalised again (after St Thomas in London) in Mysore for 4 days. I didn't know malaria can relapse only after 2 weeks. I lost 3 days of practice, the precious 3 days among my 1 month trip. But I was okay. I wasn't annoyed nor sad. My teacher, Hamish gave me the right quote 'don't go with the flow, be the flow'. It resonated with me so much back then and I felt super lucky and grateful to have him as my teacher. I was obviously very weak when I came back to mat after 4 days of hospital bed. But I never had a short practice. Sharathji was also very understanding and he made me catch from the day 2. Today, I was skimming through my practice journal from then (2020 January). Wow... I was so much in pain both mind and body wise and there were so many memorable quotes from Sharathji to me!! Hahaha Anyhow, like I said above my practice this time is really good. I had a few uncomfortable feelings on my left shoulder/neck and right side of lower back but they are not severe. I breathe so well (I think) in catching and I gained my strength back. I started to touch my shin in utthita hasta padangusthasana. Great. Sharathji asked me twice whether it is my first time. I said second time and made a victory sign (meaning two). Each time he asked me, he gave me new poses. Now I practise till Laghu vajrasana. I feel especially weak with this pose so I don't stay full 5 breaths. Other back bending asanas are fine. My present experience is so different from 2.5 years ago and I am amused by myself! One's attitude/perspective can change many things... This time, my husband joined me in the mid July. He is now on his photography trip and will be back in 3 days. Having him also emotionally supports me. I am really grateful for my husband again. So, this post is not exactly a practice journal that talks a lot about asanas but I just wanted to share how I am doing... :-)


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