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Group Classes


1-on-1 & Small Group

Private yoga classes offer individual guidance, direction and support for your asana and breathing practice.

  • 1-on-1 or small group up to 3

  • Dynamic, Gentle, Prenatal etc

  • At your place (Beijing)

  • In Sanlitun (Beijing)

  • Via Online

Yoga Pose

Well-being at company

Yoga at company helps your employees reduce stress and boost positive energy and productivity. 

  • Offer quarterly programmes

  • For all levels

  • At your premises

Yoga Position 6

Wednesday 12:30pm

Prenatal class for 60 min

  • Breathing & Hip opening

  • For all levels

  • In-Person

Yoga Position 5

Tue, Thu 6:45am

Ashtanga Yoga for 75 min

  • Ashtanga Half-primary series

  • For beginner and intermediate levels

  • In-Person

Yoga Position 2

Saturday 10am

Morning Yoga for 75 min

  • Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Hip Opening

  • For all levels

  • In-Person & Online

In-Person & Online Classes

Private & Corporate Classes

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