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Half-primary led 28/11/18

Again, I didn’t want to wake up this morning but the thought of commitment pushed me to get ready. Today was a big class with 10 students. There were many familiar faces and we chatted a bit before the class.

Today I felt it’s easier to focus on breathing in Mysore practice than led classes. I think it’s because I can take my own time. In some asanas my breath becomes shorter and in some longer. Today I didn’t sweat much maybe because I couldn’t focus. In Marichyasana C, I tried to twist and have the chest facing really backward but it wasn’t easy. After the urdhva dhanurasana, Wendy helped me to come up. But I already knew I couldn’t engage my glutes(buttocks) properly. When I dropped back, it went as I thought but come up was again sloppy. I wanted to practice more but Wendy had to continue of course :-) When we did sirsasana I went to other students and helped a bit. I hope Wendy was not offended.

At Brussels Yoga Loft on 28/11/18(wed) from 07:00 to 08:00

Teacher: Wendy


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