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Slowly getting back

Last couple of months have been very tough for my asana practice. First, I've been having the on-and-off sternum pain since end of June. Second, I travelled to Belgium and had to move between different houses so my practice got affected as sometimes I didn't have even a small space to place my mat. Third, when I came back to London, I had this severe migraine which was unbearable. I've never had this kind of headache before which lasted 5-6 days. It was horrible. I couldn't do anything and pain killers were of no use. I just had to lie down and read or play games! Whenever I tried asana practice, my head was bursting inside.... so I took involuntary off from my asana practice for more than a week. Though I kept my breathing meditation. One very weird thing I noticed was that when my migraine was getting better, I felt less pain in my sternum too. I still have mild sternum pain that comes and goes but it got noticeably better when the migraine went away. How weird! So I slowly started to get back to the mat. Ashtanga felt a bit intense for my sternum as there are too many chaturangas and updogs (which are giving me most pain in sternum) so I started off with different asana styles. I took a subscription with triyoga and have been taking zoom classes. There are so many different styles and so many teachers. Yesterday I tried Feldenkrais style. It was really new to me but it was very good for my body. We mostly just lay on the mat and move very slowly, freely and consciously. It was a 90 min class but it felt very short. I really liked the creativity of the movement. I got a bit cold as it's not a dynamic style so next time I try, I will wear a pair of socks. After taking several classes, my body feels so sore but I feel really energised. I am back on the Mysore practice as well. I take it slow, without drop backs and without second series. After the practice today, I thought of benefits of primary series.. the healing part of my beloved yoga.... :-)


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