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Slowing down

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

I don't know why but since the beginning of this week, I felt so low. I sleep well (which means I don't have any trouble falling asleep and I never wake up during night) but when I wake up I feel super tired. I was even taking an involuntary nap every day (I fell asleep while reading or playing game..). So naturally my day and practice became somewhat slowed down. I was super upbeat and energised for the last few weeks. After or before practice I would run/walk for 7~10km everyday. But this week, I didn't bother and stayed inside a lot reading and playing games. Many days I practised less than one hour... I couldn't even focus on studying so I stopped at Yoga Sutra 1.3 but instead started on Chinese science fiction that my husband praised so much. Apart from reading and playing game, only fun part of the week was to attend chanting classes with Lakshimishaji... It seemed I finally established steady self-practice but now it feels like I lost it again. Is it my weak will to push further or is it okay to slow down a bit from time to time?


And I found this interview of Maty Ezraty that made me feel good... :-)


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