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Self practice 8/8/19

I woke up early today and felt a bit tired. I told my mum I was contemplating practicing yoga and she told me to practice downstairs where there is air-conditioning. I placed the mats on the floor and was getting ready. My mum was like 'I am going to record your practice'. Urgh.. okay...... So this means I can't do a lousy practice >_< With my mum looking at me and filming at the same time, I started my practice. During the practice I thought many times that I am such a bad student. Now my mum was watching at me, my practice felt so so so so much better than other days... I think it was also due to the cool room. Upstairs was always like 31-32 degree and very steamy. I was still sweating in the air conditioned room. I kept my breaths short as I didn't want my mum to hold her phone for so long. Standing sequence was good as always. I felt a bit unstable at some point in utthita hasta padangusthasana but it was still okay. Seated... felt actually okay, so much better than the other days. I could even hold my wrist in marichyasana D.... what?!!! Yes it happened. Though I didn't place my left foot in lotus as the top of the foot was still hurting. My navasana was okay with two mats folded. Bujapidasana was okay though the transition was not so nice. Supta kurmasana and transition was fine. Garbha pindasana felt fun as well as kukutasana. All the rolling up was fine. I actually felt my practice was quite okay. I even did a 'proper' setu bandhasana. And.... back bend was good so I felt I could do 3 drop backs in a row. And... and.. and... yes! Yes! Yes! I did 3 drop backs and come ups in a row.... what? really?! Yes! I did it! I mean.. when I came up, my feet were not stable and my body sprang forward but still... I came up three times, without any pause and without any failure. +_+ Yayyyy I was super happy. I did a good paschimottanasana and did the closing sequence. I stayed about 25 breaths in sirsasana and 15 in half bend. Utplitih was a very long 10-breath lift. Wow.. I was just super happy about my drop back practice. My mum watching and filming motivated and pushed me a bit. I can now safely and proudly say that I am not afraid of drop backs anymore!!! (Though steady and firm come up might take more time). Thanks to my mum, I had a great practice today <3

At my parents' place in Anseong, Korea on 8/8/19(Thu) from 06:50 to 08:00


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