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Self practice 7/8/19

I couldn't practice on the 5th (Mon) as I had to get my body checked up in a hospital from 8am in Seoul. And I couldn't practice on the 6th because I was dead tired. But this morning I felt good somehow irrespective of my long day. I was in Seoul till 12:40am and arrived home around 2:20am.... 4:10ish was the time I went to bed... haha I think I am still jetlagged. I woke up around 10:20ish and went upstairs to practice. Today's breathing felt better than other two days. I think it was the breeze that came through the window. After the standing sequence I decided to make it a half-primary practice. I became easily tired irrespective of this breeze and I just wanted to try back bend and drop backs. In total I tried 5 drop backs and I came up alone 3 times. The other 2 times were lousy. I was super happy I did it. I took a long long long time to drop back and come up but still I did it!!! Yayyyyy! I just wish I will keep progressing on this. I thought a lot about what Lynne talked about where to engage etc. You are away from your teachers yet you are always with your teachers :-) It was another grateful moment I could cherish. After that I took a brief paschimottanasana and a bit of side rolling with knees to chest. Oh by the way.. since I came home, my utthita hasta padangusthasana became very very very stable... This is a really interesting change. I've been eating a lot and the results are = my twist became worse and standing became strong. ;-)

Today I really appreciate 'practice and all is coming'.

At my parents' place in Anseong, Korea on 7/8/19(Wed) from 10:40 to 11:40


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