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In the mid-April, the AYL shala has open so I went back. Evening practice with Tom and Lauren was great and I learned so much but it didn't feel right with my physical body. Especially with adjustment I got from teachers, my stomach made all kinds of sounds from digestion. At the end of April I tried morning classes and I found my long lost joy again! My body felt so much better with morning practice and I didn't need to worry about my daily schedule. And of course, the morning teacher Hamish is wonderful too! So since May, I resumed my morning practice at the AYL shala. So now I wake up even earlier and sleep early for the practice. This morning habit makes me feel healthier and I even lost some weight that I gained in the beginning of the year. It even feels like I am back in Mysore in India doing my luxurious yoga study trip! Practising in shala is so much easier and fun than practising alone at home. Even though I was not consistent with self-practice, I learned and reflected a lot and enjoyed the process of discovering things by myself. But it's also nice to get teachers' help and encouragement as well as fellow practitioners' energy! I really do love hearing other people's breathing ;-)

Any injuries or pain : NO TENGO NADA

Still loving backbends ? : Sí sí

Still having troubles with twists? : Sí sí

Oh I almost forgot to mention! From 13th May, I started to do 'catching' again and surprisingly it doesn't hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (except occasional uncomfortable feelings but definitely not pain)


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