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Mysore practice 9/6/19

I was first to arrive at the shala. It's been about a week (I think) since I practiced last time here. I already set my mind to practice a bit fast as I had to teach a class at 10:30. Today, the practice was at another room. Room was a bit cold and I was worried my body would be stiff. Indeed first uttanasana felt so tight. I jumped from 4th surya namaskara A. The practice was good but I felt a bit tight lower back as well + my core from Forrest Yoga with Breanna. Forrest Yoga gave me a bit of muscle pain in core. I got a good hands on in prasarita padottanasana C as well as in supta kurmasana. It felt definitely easier. Though I want to try this by myself, hopefully, soon. Somehow my body felt a bit heavier than practicing at yoga room. I was thinking.. is it because of red and blue colour combination? (my mat is red and the towel is blue and according to the fortune teller who read my birth date and time, red and blue are not good colours for me... -_-;;) Or maybe it's that 1.5 glass of red wine I had last night? I don't know... I set my project for today's practice on, obviously, drop back. And I was already afraid I would fail because of this heavy feeling. I felt tightness on my neck in setu bandhasana. Shit.. I never felt this tightness before... grrrr Pashasana with Adriana's help felt good and 'easier'. Urdhva dhanurasana was good too. And... drop back....I wanted to try alone at least drop back. So I tried without teacher in front of me. And... haha I fell on my head!!!! Grrrrr but it was not painful as I had my hands on the mat immediately. Adriana came and she was there to support me. I dropped with her help and the last one 'almost' alone.. :-( Grrrrrr I thought I got the hang of drop back but still!!! But I was not frustrated. I mean... I know already by now that sometimes some asanas are not as easy as before. And this one is a very complicated one. I think it was my mind and already that set mind of feeling heavy and afraid. Anyways I was grateful for Adriana's patience. I stayed in sirsasana for about 20 breaths and 10 in half bend. Utplitih, 10 short(er) breaths :-) Another very good practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 9/6/19(Sun) from 07:55 to 08:25

Teacher: Adriana


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