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Mysore practice 9/5/19

I woke up earlier than usual to go to my practice early. But guess what, my bus that was supposed to come by 5:58 didn't come. I went back home, changed my jacket and took the next bus, my normal bus. Day is getting longer and I don't need to walk in the dark anymore. I arrived at the shala around 6:30 and was the first one. I put my mat on the first row right corner, breathed a bit having hands on my belly and chest. It was great to practice with Peter and I wanted to keep this daily practice routine at the shala but I have my own class, Fridays are tricky with he time... so I just signed up for another 12 card. Today's practice felt very light. And I kept thinking of practicing jump back and through, chakrasana and drop back. I felt like I am too comfortable being/staying where I am now. I want to make progress or deepen my practice but at the same time I am... maybe too lazy to make an effort. I just wish the time I sit is less than now... I hate sitting in the office :-( Oh.... Anyways I got hands in utthita hasta padangusthasana by Anne and in supta kurmasana by Dalia (I think it was her?!!). My transition in bujapidasana and supta kurmasana was okay. I had more strength and didn't need to make bakasana again. It was a bit sloppy but acceptable (thus, okay). These days I feel the practice is very short. I don't feel any time passing. It's passing so quickly. My pashasana is........... still very difficult but on the right side wrapping was okay. I held my hands with heels off. For the left side, Anne helped me. I did another sloppy transition/jump back from krounchasana...... hehe. In the drop back and come up, I felt more at ease somehow... Anne helped me and finally I felt I am getting there. I mean.. this might disapper one day or come and go but still, I felt good. My sirsasana felt so light so did urdhva dandasana. I stayed 10 breaths in utplitih (yay!). And I had a very brief chat with Monica after the practice (hehe). Another grateful morning, thanks to my teachers and other practitioners in the room.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 9/5/19(Thu) from 06:35 to 08:15

Teacher: Anne


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