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Mysore practice 9/1/2020

It’s such a war getting into the shala and be one of the first in the queue. We succeeded and sat in front. But I could feel today the whole schedule was a bit lagged behind. I placed my mat around 8:25 on the first row, far left (from the podium far right inside the lines). It was my first time on the first row, and right in front of all the pictures of teachers. I immediately started and took off my T-shirt’s before surya namaskar B. My body was already warm. I was well rested and my body felt wholesome. I still had the pain on my lower back (and not the side) but it doesn’t usually bother the primary series. My main focus here in Mysore is breathing steady and I kept it that way today as well. Just breath and don’t hyperventilate. I felt slightly unstable in utthiha hasta padangushtasana and one assistant came. But he just watched and didn’t do anything as I was quite balanced on my own. At one point, Anna came next to me. So nice to practice next to each other. Ardha baddha padomttanasa felt super beautiful (to my standard). I focused a lot on alignment in virabhadrasana today. Seated was good as always. I can really focus on my breath and just be there calm. These days I even became to like purvattanasana, which was one of my hated poses! When I was binding in marichyasana B, I accidentally scratched Anna’s arm where she was in prasaritta padottanasana A. I felt so sorry and asked whether she was okay. Oh no.. I hope it wasn’t a nasty scratch :-( As always I loved marichyasana C and D and stayed longer in each side, each pose. Navasana was hard but I tried to breath 5 times each. I didn’t fold the mat and it was doable. I was proud of myself because I endured. <—— yes I use this word ‘endured’ for navasana... hahaha Bujapidasana was good with quick transition and kurmasana felt super deep. I could feel my sternum firmly pressing onto the mat. I love this feeling. Someone helped me cross my ankles behind. Nice! Transition was good, but I just need to work on having higher bakasna with feet together. Whenever I am here, I thought of what Nick said. Whenever I do tricky poses my teachers’ voices and tips are played in my head. I love it. I think this is one of the reasons why I love Ashtanga. Having teachers guiding you through and they are always with you whenever you practice :-) Garbha pindasana felt deep though my rolling was not as smooth as other days. Baddha konasana was heaven so I stayed extra breaths. Upavista konasana was good and rolling ups were okay. I just had to do twice in ubbahya padangusthasana. Setu bandhasana was okay but as the cotton rug was not put straight my forehead got hurt. Grrrr. Back bend..... I came up quite okay from the third Urdhva dhanurasana. And I went drop back directly. I came up okay but on the third one I sprung forward. I saw Sharathji walking towards me. He was smiling and saying, why are you hurrying? Hahahaha this is I think 3rd or 4th time I hear from him. Yes.. he got me so right. I need to work on my patience. Not only in the practice but also in my daily life. I smiled back and he came. I told him I have a little of back pain on the lower back. He didn’t hear well so I told him again and he nodded. We tried and he told me to walk. So I dropped my hands and walked. I could feel limitation and wanted to stop but he kept telling me to walk. I walked and could touch my heels with fingers. And he moved my hands to the ankles. Wow... I could stay quite stable and didn't feel much on the lower back. We stayed there. My breathing was not as rough as yesterday. I even felt I was quite stable with my breath. With his sign I came up smiling and said thank you very much. He said, 'tomorrow rest day'. He gave me a good push and I cleaned the area, moved to the resting area. I felt so happy and surprised at myself. Even with the pain in lower back.. I could stay still in catching. I guess it's also my mentality and will that made me stay stable with Sharathji. Suddenly thoughts on my husband came in urdhva padmasana and I cried. I really cried and tears were just flowing through my face and to the mat. I was grateful that my husband understands my passion and love and help/support me to stay here for a month. Poor Bart... having to organise everything for the move in February. Coming here in January was really good for me but not for Bart.. Anyways I cried and felt so loved in urdhva padmasana and finished the sarvangasana sequence in very respectful manner. I stayed 60 breaths in sirsasana and 50 in half bend. I could've stayed longer in headstand but just came down, respecting to reserve my energy. I did a short nadi shodana pranayama before utplitih. Today I stayed 12 in Utplitih. Instead of resting on the back, I just sat and mediated for a very short moment. I didn't lay on the back and directly went to the changing room. Since I came here, I just can't stay in my resting pose. My energy is too great to stay still in laying down position. That's why I stayed seated after utplitih today. I think I will keep this way if my energy level allows it. I bowed to Sharathji and was filled with love when I saw his smiles. Such serene and powerful energy he has. After I caught the assistant teacher who made me catch my ankles for the first time. I asked his name and explained why I wanted to know his name. I thanked him and he explained about his help. It was so sweet of him to remember...! I was very happy that I went to ask his name and talked a bit. So grateful morning that taught and reminded me of the quality of patience and love.

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 9/1/20 (Thu) from 8:25 to 9:45

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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