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Mysore practice 8/7/19

When I woke up, I contemplated whether to practce Mysore or not..... But I didn't practice Mysore for the last 3 days so I decided to just go! I arrived at the studio around 6:40 and there was no one in the Mysore room. And apparently it was Catherine who was teaching today. When I was about to finish surya namaskar B, other people came in. I felt relatively light today. Cath gave me a good push in one of the many adho mukha svanasanas and helped me in prasaritta padottanasana C. She helped me supta kurmasana too. I asked her to have my ankle deeper into my neck and I crossed them without any troubles. Her hands-on was soft yet very good. My back bend felt okay today so I thought I am ready to drop back alone (with blankets on the mat). She helped me in my left side pashasana. My heels were off.. hehe :-) So... when the drop back time came, I told Catherine about my back issue and asked her to help me come up. I dropped back three times alone (yay!) and didn't feel any pain in my back (another yayyy!!). Come up was with her help and of course.. I didn't engage my legs well. But I felt so comfortable and at ease with Catherine so the whole practice felt very enjoyable. Ah at some point I helped Noriko to grab her fighers tight in supta kurmasana. I stayed 30 breathes in sirsasana, 15 in half bend and 12 in utplitih. Another really nice practice!

At Yoga Room Defacqz on 8/7/19(Mon) from 06:55 to 08:25

Teacher: Catherine


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