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Mysore practice 8/12/19

I didn't feel good. My stomach was hurting. It was raining hard. But I went to the shala. I told Lynne that I would have a very gentle practice due to the pain. In short, I had a 80 min slow and gentle practice. Irrespective of my stomach, the practice felt actually fine. I just didn't jump today. My body felt somehow strong. I guess it was because I was not jumping and energy was more or less steady. I did utthita hasta padangusthasana first side with Anne and second one alone. I felt quite stable today. Standing was okay. My belly felt more in the seated. My janu sirsasana c was modified. I didn't fold all the way down to avoid pressing my belly to the heel. I was afraid of marichyasana but actually it was okay. Navasana was of course painful not only on the tailbone but also on the belly so I did a 'lazy' navasana. I just did it all the way with legs bent. Only at the last one I tried to straighten. Bujapidasana was okay but as I didn't really engage my bandhas so in transition my feet were touching the floor. This one I didn't jump. Kurmasana felt deep and Anne came help me in supta kurmasana. It was okay. This one I jumped. Garbha pindasana was quite stable and rolling was okay. I didn't hurry and did everything very slowly and this way I felt garbha pindasana can be stable. Baddha konasana and upa vista konasana. I stopped there. I wanted to avoid rolling up ones and as I had a very slow practice, I had to close the practice. I did one long bridge and did full wheels. In paschimattanasana, Anne gave me a good push. Shoulder stand sequence was not so long. I kept it short breath. Sirsasana was 30 breaths and half bend was 10 I think. I just couldn't engage too much. Utplitih was okay. I kept it short 10 breaths. I stayed about 6 min in savasana. It was a slow and short practice but I loved it. I was actually quite surprised that I could still have a good practice even if I felt unwell. It was a shame I couldn't stay for the gathering but at least it was good to be there and see the shala full of people :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 8/12/19(Sun) from 07:00 to 08:20

Teacher: Anne


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