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Mysore practice 8/10/19

I can be easily distracted… I didn’t want to eat snacks last night (after my teaching class which is around 9pm), but I ate some nachos… I wanted to practice with ‘real’ empty stomach today but I was distracted… Ha! Well… at least I woke up at right time and went to the shala. Though today both bus and metro gave me hard time. Bus was delayed by 3 min and metro stopped twice. But I still made it to the shala just before 7am and I could start my first surya namaskar at 7:01am. I was afraid of my heavy stomach but it felt okay. Today… the first drop of sweat came earlier than usual. I felt so hot and I was sweating like a pig. At one point my hands and body felt so sweaty I was afraid of slipping away from the mat. Standing was good. I took an extra care to have the distance of feet shorter in trikonasana. Anne was busy with others so I didn’t get push in prasaritta padottanasana C. I think I really enjoy this push here. My utthita hasta padangusthasana is coming back home but today I practiced with Anne. Her calm energy helped my body calm too. I can say it was quite stable. I tried to lengthen frontal body in utkatasana and to rotate my upper thigh externally in virabhadrasana B. These tips I get from my teachers are always playing in my head. This is just amazing. Seated was similar as usual but I was holding my wrists in all my marichyasana except D first side. Again.. I felt it’s my guts preventing me to from smooth twisting. I can do all the twisting poses but it’s just not good. Grrr Navasana felt not so good as yesterday. Today it was harder to hold straight legs. Bujapidasana felt good and kurmasana as well. Anne crossed my ankles super quick and I just loved the feeling of lifting and straightening my legs. I stayed in titibasana a bit longer than usual. Today my feet didn’t touch the ground in transition. Yes! I guess I don’t need to hurry in my practice. I always hurry in transition because I am afraid of losing my balance and strength. But from now on, let’s try to hold a bit longer. Garbha pindasna felt more controlled too. All the rolling was fine too. Only in ubhaya padangusthasana, I could do it at second attempt. But I felt I was taking control of my bandhas a bit more than yesterday. Setu bandhasana was short. Urdhva dhanurasana felt super good. I think it’s also the weather which make my body need more back bend. I felt I was seeing the shadow of my feet. And……… I tried drop back. First drop back and come up felt quite controlled and not so hard. I didn’t feel any pain on my back so I continued. Second drop back, I was seeing my heels. I was afraid of not coming up at one go but I came up. Though my feet were not grounded and stepped back. Third drop back, I was seeing my heels again. I walked closer to the heels and lifted. This time I sprung forward a bit… Not bad! I came up from all three drop backs! And I waited Anne for half rolls. I did 3 half rolls and drop back at last. I was clearly seeing my heels. After this in paschimattanasana, Anne gave me a good push. Closing was done in happy mood and I did my usual 30 and 15 breaths in sirsasana and half bend. I felt a bit tired towards the end of half bend. So today’s utplitih was very honest 10 breaths. I took a very short (maybe 4-5 min) savasana and left the shala with very happy mind and gratitude.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 8/10/19(Tue) from 07:00 to 08:30

Teacher: Anne


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