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Mysore practice 8/1/2020

Going to the Shala - the 8:30 batch
Post asana practice coconut <3

Before the chanting class

I had minor back pain when I woke up. And I woke up really early like 3:50am. I couldn’t fall asleep again so stayed awake. I was a bit worried about the practice but I dropped these worries when I talked to Olivia on the rickshaw. We got into the shala really quick and were able to sit really close to te beginning of the queue. There were still people from the 7:30 batch. I placed my mat on the very same spot as yesterday. I was secretively happy. I really liked this spot yesterday. I began my practice and again focused a lot on breathing. I tried to have steady breath even in twist poses. Standing was so good. I was very tiny bit wobbly in utthitha hasta padangusthasana but felt strong. Ardha baddha padmottanasa felt super stable. In the seated, I took off my long sleeves. I think I stayed more than 5 breaths up till marichyasana D. I really love marichyasana sequence here as the transition feels so easy. Navasana was okay. I was again able to do it without the mat folded. I even had the sensation of lifting at the 5th transition. It is really weird with my sacrum. Sometimes I don’t feel much and at other times it hurts like hell. I think my breathing became a bit shallow in navasana. Bujapidasana was good and kurmasana was okay. Yesterday I could go deep, having my sternum touching the mat without any force but today I had to push a bit. Nobody came to help me in supta kurmasana though the transition I loved. Garbha pindasana was good and I had a feeling I could touch my right ear but it didn’t happen. Don’t worry I am not in a hurry. All the rolling ups were good today. Setu bandhasana was okay but again I had to come down directly after the 5th breath. Back bend didn’t feel alright. I could feel a bit of pinching pain on the right lower back in which I didn’t feel much during the practice. I was worried but just focused on deep breathing. I stayed about 6-8 breaths in each back bend. From the third one. I could directly and in a ‘stable’ way come up. And I directly began with my drop back. Wow... I think I had the best drop back/ come up practice today. It felt so easy and stable. I didn’t move my feet and didn’t spring forward. Sharathji was again helping someone in front of me but he sent a sign to one of the assistants to help me do catching. I felt a bit scared with this guy as this guy looked so skinny to help my heavy body....... :-( Nonetheless I did my best and he helped me air catch. But as soon as he made my left foot firmly on the ground, I couldn’t stay. The pain was too big so I directly came up. He asked me whether I was okay and I said ‘yes’. He gave me a very gentle, good and long push in paschimattabasana. I turned my head and thanked him. And I quickly wiped the floor and left for the closing area. I was content. My catching was not the best but my practice was one of the best ones. And I was telling myself, ‘Hey Gayoung, you were able to do drop back and come up only from August 2019 onwards so don’t get affected by this asana you just started to learn here!’ So I was happy. For some time I was busy with my own thoughts but at one point I stopped thinking and could hear people’s breathing in the practice area. It was nice to hear the breathing and it also felt meditative. I smiled big and continued my closing. I stayed again 50 and 50 in dit’s asana and half bend. I felt super strong and stable. I could’ve stayed longer but just kept the 50 breaths. I did a short nadi shodana before utplitih. I stayed 15 in utplitih and felt my arms burning. I took a 3-4min Savasana and sat for another 3-4 min. When I was leaving the shala, Sharathji was in front of Olivia, ready to help her drop back/catch. I vowed to him and responded to his big smile with mine. My heart and body were filled with good and confirming energy.

(Written at the shala entrance while waiting for Olivia)

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 8/1/20 (Wed) from 8:10 to 9:30

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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