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Mysore practice 7/4/19

Unlike other days, I woke up to my alarm. I usually wake up before the alarm but I must've been really tired. I fell asleep at 5:30pm yesterday, woke up at night for about 40 min and slept again. Yet my body needed more sleep. So I was later than usual. I arrived at the shala slightly before 8:20am. There were already so many pairs of shoes. When I entered the room, I had to put my mat at the last row!!! Woooow my first time having the mat really in the back! So I took a very short breathing/grounding moment and started surya namaskar. Today I was sweating like crazy. Is it the warmer weather or is it my body cycle, or just change of body type? I don't know. The shala was busy and I didn't get my usual hands on prasaritta padottanasa C but got helped in utthita hasta padangusthasana. All the standing was good, seated was good too but I was very tired jumping back. So I just stepped back many times. I got help in supta kurmasana by Adriana and I felt I was getting better here. Anne's hands are really good but with Adriana's help too, I could keep holding my hands. In garbha pindasana rolling, my most part of body fell on the floor and it was not nice as I was sweating so much. So I came to mat again, readjusted myself and rolled again. I know I should round my back more but it's just difficult..... I didn't have lots of energy in my bandhas (already felt from difficult jump backs), so transition from titibasana to bakasana and jump back was not smooth. I made bakasana separately and jumped back. My chakrasana 'attempts' were also a fail today..................!! Gayoung! Practice, Practice and Practice!!!! and..... time for the second series! Pashasana...... I don't know why this is the 'first' asana of the second series. Why?! This is so difficult compare to the two following asanas. Anyways.. I thought of a video I saw yesterday on pashasana and tried the same method but of course... it wasn't yet coming to me. So Adriana came and helped me. Krounchasana and shalabhasana were good. I really like krounchasana :-). When I was thinking my shalabhasana could be better, Anne said 'good Gayoung!' few times. So I was motivated and felt happy! In my urdhva dhanurasana, I didn't feel that I was really opening my chest and shoulders. I think technically I was okay but I didn't feel enough 'lifting' like other practices. Adriana helped me dropback and comeup. I really had a lot of attention on my legs + lower back. I think I can have it soon. But I don't want to be greedy so I will keep practicing and wait for this one to come to me. In sirsasana, I felt so light, unlike urdhva dhanurasana. I felt so light I stayed more than 20 breaths. In urdhva dandasana also about 10-15 breaths. But my utplitih was only about 6 breaths... :-) I took a very sweek savasana and thanked teachers. I am just so grateful that I can practice under the guidance of wonderful teachers.


Talking about 'gratefulness' I have to mention that I went to Ana's open flow class at yoga room Fort Jaco in the afternoon. We had some troubles getting there but in the end we left the place feeling blessed and content. There are too many things to mention about this afternoon but I will just keep it to myself.

I want to say this to my students, my fellow teachers and to my teachers who share their time for and with me.

"""... Thank you for your part in my journey..."""

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 7/4/19(Sun) from 08:20 to 10:00

Teacher: Anne, Adriana


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