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Mysore practice 7/11/19

Today was weird. I woke up early even before the alarm, I got ready quick and went to the shala before 6:50am. But my body felt very tired. My eyelids felt heavy. I didn’t touch my legs with forehead on the first surya namaskar. Ha! It’s bad but I already sensed that my practice would be a not so good one. But by the end of surya namaskar B, I felt warm and okay. Standing was done with shorter breaths though. Lynne helped me with utthita hasta padangusthasana. She gave me a good tip on prasaritta padottanasana. I stayed a bit longer on virabhadrasana A and B. Seated was good but somehow it was difficult to focus. I felt tired and I could feel pain in my lower back. Purvattanasana felt so bad I came down early. Lynne gave me another good tip here. I engaged my thighs and tried hard to bring my inner thigh down. Visualisation really helps. Marichyasana was surprisingly okay. Navasana was painful. Lynne again gave me a good tip. I really like when she gives me detailed tips. I could feel my bandhas working. Bujapidasana felt same as usual. Kurmasana was good. I was alone in supta kurmasana. I was waiting for Lynne but even after about 15 breaths she didn’t come (as she was busy with other students) so I just moved onto transition. It felt good. A year ago I’d never imagined that I would do titibasana! In transition I didn’t touch the ground with my feet. Garbha pindasana, Lynne gave me another explanation. This is the one I know in theory but I just can’t at the moment. Next time, I will use the water spray and try to bring my hands as close as possible to my face. Rolling was okay. Today’s 3 rolling ups were actually quite okay. It’s funny to notice how some asanas feel better when your overall energy is not good. Pashasana was done alone with heels off. Krounchasana was good but I felt very weak in shalabhasana. I was fearing my back bend practice today. I don’t know what happened but my back hurts! Maybe I was not engaging my legs good enough whenever I did drop back practice… Today I didn’t lift up from urdhva dhanurasana. Lynne pointed out again about my feet position. In my head I make my feet quite parallel but maybe in reality that’s not the case. My focus was a lot on my feet. Lynne kinda suggested that I should try to lift up again from back bend but I told her I would just move onto drop back. My energy level was just not good for this today. In short, I came up twice and once on my knees. I burst into a small laugh in my kneeling position and Lynne made a joke by saying ‘this is not a church!’. I laughed so much it was difficult to stop. I just love her jokes and spirit. And I did half rolls with her and could move my fingers to walk closer to my feet. It was nice. She gave me a nice push in paschimattanasana and I was happy. Shoulder standing sequence was done in the usual way. I stayed my normal 30 and 20 breaths in sirsasana and half bend. I thought of my private student while I was doing this. This lady inspires me a lot. I am so grateful for my students as well as for my teachers. I am very lucky to be surrounded by these people. Although my body was tired, I left the shala with, again, very happy heart.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 7/11/19(Thu) from 06:50 to 08:20

Teacher: Lynne


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