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Mysore practice 6/6/19

I was irritated in the morning because the bus came late and I missed my connecting tram. I wanted to arrive around 6:30 but not it would be 10-15 min late. I practice yoga on the mat but I don't think I practice enough yoga off the mat.... When I arrived there were two people practicing. I instantly felt there would be less people today than Tuesday. I place my mat on the back and started practicing. I don't know why but I feel time flies really quick practicing in yoga room. Today I got hands on in prasaraita padottanasana C. It was fast and firm. Another great hands on supta kurmasana. It's so quick I don't know how he does it >_< haha By the way I skipped utkatasana without noticing... I just realised in dandasana -_-;; Navasana was hard but I tried to keep my legs straight. Today's bhujapidasana and supta kurmasana transition (titibasana, bakasana and shoot back) was good! I did it both times without touching the mat!!! Yay!!!! But... pashasana... very crappy :-( Drop back come up... Nick came to me and was there to help me come up. I did 3 times going down alone and coming up with his help. The 4th one.... I came up 'almost' alone. It felt good. But my sirsasana felt weak and half bend was even weaker. Though it was a very nice practice. I plan to keep my Mysore practice at least 5 times a week during this summer. So happy and motivated all over again!!

At Yoga Room Defacqz on 6/6/19(Thu) from 06:45 to 08:20

Teacher: Nick


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