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Mysore practice 6/12/19

It was actually better than yesterday. I was worried my practice would be so sloppy today but it was okay. Though I didn't really sweat... and I don't know why. I did utthita hasta padangusthasana alone again. It was better. But it's still a mystery why I am so unstable in the shala. Maybe it's really the floor. Jumping through and back was okay. I think I was engaging bandhas more today than yesterday. Navasana was the problem....... I don't know how I will survive LED classes in Mysore. Oh well........ let's not think about it. Today's rolling ups were good. This is how I know my bandhas were doing alright today. Setu bandhasana was short. Back bend was okay. I took time in sarvangasana sequence. It was so nice... And sirsasasana felt so light so I stayed very slow 30 breaths and 20 in half bend. I think I was just happy that I was practising today without much worries. Usually I am so concerned about the time but today I didn't need to. Though I didn't take a long savasana today. I left the shala with, again, nourished mind and body.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 6/12/19(Fri) from 07:02 to 08:30

Teacher: Anne


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