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Mysore practice 5/12/19

Today was such a disaster. My body didn’t feel right. My practice was sloppy. But I did it. In the beginning I was thinking of doing just half. But after supta kurmasana, I felt okay so I carried on. When I was nearing setu bandhasana I thought of doing only full. But I carried on to bhekasana. Today, I know I couldn’t engage my bandhas well. It just came natural. I just couldn’t. My energy level was low and everything felt slow. I wasn’t tired just lack of energy. I skipped most of the jumping. I just walked. Walking is good too. I saved some energy this way. Irrespective of my low energy I did utthita hasta padangusthasana alone. Anne was busy with other students so I just did it myself. I was very wobbly on my left standing leg but right one was okay. I felt even wobbly in ardha baddha padmottanasana. I am rarely wobbly here. Ha this is where I felt for the whole practice that it would be not so energetic practice. Seated was okay. I really like forward fold… I hoped to gain some energy but it was still low. Navasana felt painful both in tailbone and belly. When in bujapidasana, I thought of a picture/meme Olivia sent me yesterday. Hahahah so cute. I am quite okay with bujapidasana. Good! Supta kurmasana with Anne’s hands was so good. I think I go really deep here.. I feel my legs really up in the back.. Today’s rolling was really OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!.... It was just horrible. I tried many times to come up at one go. Ha… This is all due to my not so engaged bandhas today. Setu bandhasana was short too. Pashasana done alone and second with Anne. Krounchasana and shalabhasana was same. Bhekasana was again done alone and second with Anne. With her help… I felt I was in heaven (though it was a bit difficult to breathe today). Back bend was okay. I lifted up from the third urdhva dhanurasana. Drop back and come up was okay too. Before half rolls and catching I told Anne that I have a lower back pain so I would stop if it’s too much. When I half roll, I felt I could go deep. But I didn’t push myself when I dropped my hands on the ground. It was okay. I didn’t feel too much on the lower back. I did sarvangasana….. in a very unconscious manner;;; and did the inversion. Surprisingly inversion felt so good.. So I stayed 30 in sirsasana and 15 in half bend. Utplitih felt okay too. Ha.. my bandhas were finally back?!!!! Oh well. But as I am reading the Gita again… I shouldn’t work or act upon the gain or result. I was just happy enough to be on the mat today (irrespective of my initial plan). The practice might have been very sloppy but my body and mind were well nourished.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 5/12/19(Thu) from 06:52 to 08:20

Teacher: Anne


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