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Mysore practice 5/12/18

So I arrived in Helsinki to attend Slush at 11am on the 4th, went to my hotel at around 10pm... I was tired but set up the alarm. And I turned it off because I really felt I needed a good sleep. But then, I wanted to try this new place. It seemed Finnish people are very into Astanga yoga, judging from the numbers of shalas and authorised teachers. So I turned my alarm again. I woke up even before the alarm went off. I got ready, I checked out and walked to the shala. When I entered people started chanting. I briefly introduced myself to the teacher, got her name and started to practice. The hall was beautiful with wooden floor. It was also very spacious so people took enough space. They even had a shower facility and I saw a lot, really a lot of yoga mats in the changing room. Yes. Finnish people love Ashtanga yoga.

Today, my body felt heavy and tired. I felt it was due to the medication I am taking... I mean.. what can I do...? :-( Anyways... today I could focus more than the last week in Paris. The room felt warm. Teacher opened my shoulder in utthita trikonasana and helped me touch the floor in prasarita padottanasana C. She also helped me in marichyasana A, left side. I could hold my wrist and really twist, which felt so good. In supta padangusthasana, she told me to straighten my arm which was down so that my upper body can reach up more. That was a good tip. Today.... I couldn't roll up at one go in ubhaya padangusthasana. What a shame! But I shouldn't be too obsessed now. Things come and go and I guess it will take some more time to become stable in this asana. After urdhva dhanurasana, I did half rolls but didn't drop back. After a very long time, I felt again very light in my sirsasana. It felt as if someone was pulling my legs. I took my time in savasana. I think I was the only one who did only the primary series. Many people were practicing the second series..!

At Helsingin astanga joogakoulu on 5/12/18(Wed) from 06:15 to 07:50

Teacher: Marke Murtomäki


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