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Mysore practice 5/11/19

I woke up already around 4:30am but went to bed again. I woke up with alarm. Got ready and got into my usual bus to the shala. This time Anne entered right after me. And surprisingly I found my grey wool scarf! I thought I’d lost it but it was in the ‘lost & found’ basket. Yes! On Sunday night at the spa I was telling my husband about how I lost my scarf. I thought I lost it between the shala and my work in my commute. I was super happy! I had a small chat with Anne and placed my mat on the usual spot. I began quite directly and it felt so good. Ah was it the tiger balm patch? I put it on my lower back last night before went to bed and it felt already a bit better. My jump back felt lighter than yesterday. This was thanks to my relatively empty stomach. Oh well… but the problem was my stomach was very busy digesting something. My stomach kept making sounds and was feeling weird. Standing was good. Anne helped me in utthita hasta padangusthasana and I felt quite good. The push on prasaritta padottanasana C felt super nice too. In ardha baddha padmottanasana, I tried to touch the leg with my chin. I tried this yesterday too and it was doable. Today was doable too but I kept it short. Seated was all good too. Irrespective of my irritating belly, I felt light. What you eat really matters to your practice… Purvattanasana felt not so good... as I was feeling a bit on the left shoulder. In marichyasana D I tried to lean forward and focused on opening heart. Navasana was okay. I folded my mat twice again. Ah… my poor tailbone. Bujapidasana was okay. I brushed the floor with my left foot in transition. Kurmasana was good and supta kurmasana was super. Anne made it again quite deep and I felt at peace. So nice! Transition was okay too. I folded the cotton mat in garbha pindasana rolling. In supta konasana rolling, I played Sharathji’s voice. In the Copenhagen workshop, when I was rolling up from ubhaya padangusthasana, he told me ‘why hurry?’. So I played this ‘why are you hurrying?’ in my head in rolling up. Wow. I came up quite stable. Yes! Ubbhaya padnagusthasana rolling up was also quite stable. Yes! But urdhva mukha paschimattanasana rolling was not good. I succeeded at second attempt. Setu bandhasana felt so-so. When in pashasana Anne came directly and helped me. It was good. It’s good to be in this asana with teacher’s help. Krounchasana and shalabhasana were same as usual. Urdhva dhanurasana was good today. I just focused a lot on breathing when in the asana. On the third one, I lifted up on the second attempt. And I didn’t waste time and directly went for drop backs. Today I think I spend the least time finishing my drop backs. I had my intention to make it short. My heart was beating less harsh than I’d imagined. So it was good. I should keep it this way. Get used to it and be more efficient! Half rolls and drop back with Anne felt better than yesterday. I walked my fingers but couldn’t come to the fingertips as Anne instructed me. I had a nice paschimattanasana and also sarvangasana sequence. I stayed my usual breaths in sirsasana and half bend: 30 and 15ish(17 today) each). Utplitih felt not so light but I stayed full 10 breaths and focused more on lifting higher up. As I wanted to take the bus to work I had a short 3-min savasana. Closing was a bit haste nonetheless it was another great practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 5/11/19(Tue) from 06:55 to 08:25

Teacher: Anne


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