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Mysore practice 5/10/19

It was a Mysore workshop with Susanna Finocchi. I couldn't come for the whole 3 day workshop so just attended on Saturday. I started sharp at 8am. I thought I would be super tired but actually it was okay. I had a late night with teachers and staffs from Yoga Room Plasky which was super fun! Anyways I really took time to do each asana. Susanna gave me hands on in one of the adho mukha svanasana. My twist felt better than usual in parsvakonasana B. I didn't get hands on prasarita padottanasana C but I stayed there long. Surprisingly... my utthita hasta padangusthasana was okay. I did both sides on my own without too much shaking. I guess my bandhas are coming back :-) Seated was same as usual but marichyasana D was tricky.... I think.. what you eat really matters. When I was eating consciously healthy, my twisting felt easy. But now... it's just bad. I can still do it but it doesn't feel same. I should really change my eating habit for better practice and for better health in general. Navasana felt also surprisingly strong. I still had my legs bent in the beginning but straightening felt quite okay. Though Bujapidasana felt weaker. Kurmasana and supta kurmasana felt nice (as usual). Though transition was so so. My rolling up in ubhaya padangusthasana happened on the 3rd try.... ha..... my bandhas escaped again?!!!! Anyways.. rolling up in urdhva mukha paschimattanasa was okay. Setu bandhasana was okay too, irrespective of strong pressing feeling on the neck. Before I did back bend, I talked to Susanna briefly about the surgery and practice but she told me to do normal urdhva dhanurasana and drop back with her help. It was super nice of her holding my back/butt area to assist me in back bend. It felt so nice. After this I did drop back after.... more than a month break. It was with her help and it felt super good. Really really good..... I missed this practice, this feeling of surrendering and opening. I felt also relieved that my back didn't hurt. My lower belly area didn't feel stressed either. I took time in sarvangasana and following asanas. Sirsasana felt super strong too... I stayed very slow 30 breaths and about 15 in half bend. My utplitih was normal and stayed shorter 10 breaths :-) hehe And I think I stayed in savasana for at least 15 min. I really took time to rest here.. It was a really nice practice. After the practice, we had a chanting class which was fun.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 5/10/19(Sat) from 08:00 to 09:50

Teacher: Susanna Finocchi


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