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Mysore practice 30/9/19

My alarm went off at 5:35am but I woke up at 6:05am. I hesitated a bit but I quickly jumped out of the bed and got ready. The bus was delayed so I took another bus and got to the shala. I placed my mat and started breathing. As I didn’t have much time (as I arrived later than usual), I started surya namaskar soon. Anne arrived after my third, and I talked to her about my situation. I assured her that I can practice without worrying about my treatment. Everything will continue after my Mysore trip. Today… was also like a healing practice. Anne gave me lots of hands-on today. I like the one in trikonasana B (I have to remember not to twist from upper back, and focus more on lower back torsion), and also parsvakonasana B. Twisting pose became very difficult for me…… and I think it’s because my guts are not healthy and I simply gain some weight (more flesh…!). In prasarita padottanasana, Anne turned my hands and made me touch the ground. This was my first time touching the ground with turned hands. Let’s open the shoulders more!! My utthita hasta padangusthasana was.. really…… hmm…. Not utthita hasta padangusthasana. OMG… I just don’t know where my bandhas and balance are. I could do with straight legs and everything but couldn’t hold alone… I was little bit sad but I knew that it will come back. Seated was similar but I got some adjustment from Anne in triang mukha ikapada paschimottanasana which was really nice. Also in marichyasana D. Navasana was horrible on my sacrum area but at least I tried to straighten my legs for at least 2-3 breaths. Bujaipidasana was okay. Supta kurmasana was amazing…. I really do like this pose. I feel at peace here.. I just need to learn how to cross my ankles behind the neck on my own;;; haha In transition, I was proud of my titibasana. My legs were straight and pointing at the ceiling. From here I tried to speed up my practice. All the rolling up pose was okay. They were not horrible as I’d imagined. Setu bandhasana felt deep….. I felt my forehead was touching the mat. And I did one bridge and one urdhva dhanurasana. Anne told me not to go deeper. It felt okay and not super. I felt strong in my arms and shoulders but my lower back needs more time. And I did half rolls with Anne. It was nice. I can’t wait to practice drop back again. But now… I have to be gentle with my body, and with my practice. I kept my sirsasana short… (I didn’t even count but I guess around 15 and half bend about 8 breaths) but really tried to control my legs to come down very gently. I did very quick three closing asanas (utplitih about 7 breaths…) and took 5 min savasana. I was little bit rushing towards the end but it’s better this way so I am not late to my work. I thanked Anne and Lynne and left the room feeling so content and happy. I am so, so, so, happy that I am back on the mat again and have teachers who teach me to respect my body.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 30/9/19(Mon) from 06:50 to 08:35

Teacher: Anne


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