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Mysore practice 3/9/19

Before I write my practice journal I want to mention how I am grateful for the yoga community at World Class Fitness. It was really nice to see people after one-month break and it was so heartwarming to hear people’s welcome back. I am very lucky and honoured to be able to share my passion with them :-)

Anyways... I overslept today. I woke up at 5:59am..... I was listening to some Korean music till late and this happened! I quickly got ready and arrived at yoga room by.. I think around 6:40ish. I talked to Nick a bit and placed my mat at the back row. (I must watch the movie, Children of the Corn) There was already one person practicing. I felt quite good. The energy is always a bit different here than Anne’s shala. I jumped from 4th surya namaskar A. My body felt surprisingly light today. My utthita hasta padangusthasana was very stable. It was again surprising. Standing sequence was lovely. Though in seated, at some times I paused and breathed slowly. I was sweating a lot. Nick push my knee slightly out in janu sirsasana A. Today my left foot was hurting a lot... so marichyasana B and D were painful... Grrrrrr. I put mentholathum quite a few times but it’s still burning grrrrr. Maybe I should see a specialist. Today my navasana was ‘NOT’ lazy... I had my legs straight so didn’t get Nick’s ‘legs straight’ sign :-) Though I kept my breaths short so I don’t compensate on my lower back. Bujapidasana was okay. Kurmasana was sweet. I waited for Nick to come and cross my ankle in supta but he seemed super busy with other students. So I just went for titibhasana and transition. It was so-so. Garbha pindasana and rolling felt stable too. All the rolling was fine but in the urdhva mukha paschimottanasana, I had to roll twice to have my legs straight. I had both Sharathji’s and Nick’s faces in my head. Setu bandhasana felt stronger than usual. Pashasana was okay but Nick said I should wrap my arm from more below. I can do this alone now.. but... with heels off... :-) Krounchasana was okay but shalabhasana was a bit tiring. I did 3 very sweet back bend and got ready for drop back. Grrrr. In short, I came up 3 times on my own out of 4 tries. It was good but I somehow don’t feel much of my upper thighs these days. It’s a bit sad but let’s not be obsessed with it. Just enjoy this experience! Nick gave me a very nice push and a bit of massage in paschimottanasana. It was really sweet. Closing was done carefully and I stayed 30 slow breaths in sirsasana and 15 in half bend. Today.. I felt so light in headstand. It was a very nice practice, thanks to the great teacher and the energy shared in the room :-)

At Yoga Room Defacqz on 3/9/19(Tue) from 06:45 to 08:25

Teacher: Nick


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