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Mysore practice 3/12/19

I got to the shala around 6:50am and started the practice around 6:53am. I didn’t waste time and started surya namaskar directly. Standing felt good but I had weird belly pain. Anne came and saved me in utthita hasta padangusthasana. My left standing leg is always not good… Grrr. In the seated, I got super tired. Actually even from surya, I was walking and not jumping. My body felt heavy and tired so I just walked many times. Navasana felt not good though I tried to straighten my legs for the last 2-3 breaths. Bujapidasana was so so and kurmasana was not deep. But with Anne’s help, supta kurmasana felt again, super. I don’t know how I finished all the seated sequence… Rolling was okay and setu bandhasana was gentle. I stayed 1.5 breaths I think……. (so bad!!!). Throughout the practice I was contemplating whether to do only primary or till bhekasana. But after setu bandhasana I felt okay so I moved onto pashasana. In any case there are only 4 more to go. I did both side alone with heels off but waited for Anne to help me again. With Anne.. again… it felt so easy. Krounchasana I was focusing a lot on my pointy foot. Shalabhasana was okay and bhekasana too. I did bhekasana alone first and waited for Anne to help me. I really like the way she put me in a deeper position. And I moved onto backbend. I was afraid of back bend today as I didn’t have very light and vigorous energy. But… when I was in urdhva dhanurasana, I felt so good. I was feeling I was energised. So I lifted up from the third one. Okay my feet were not grounded but I did it! And I started drop back directly. Coming up seemed much more stable than… let’s say a or two week ago. My feet are not super grounded but at least I am not springing forward. Three were done quite quickly and Anne came. Today I felt I could go deeper. So I walked my fingers. I think they were very close but I couldn’t continue. So I stayed there breathing, feeling little bit limited around my chest and I came up. I was really grateful to Anne that she didn’t push me. In paschimattanasana I felt I was healed and energised at the same time. It was really interesting to notice how my body and spirit were energised after the back bend/drop back practice. I mean… throughout the practice I was thinking of having a shorter practice and even thinking of not coming tomorrow and just rest. But soon after the back bend practice, I immediately regretted my contemplation. Anyhow… I followed the energy of my body and not the mind so it was a good practice in the end. Though I stayed only 15 and 10 breaths in sirsasana and half bend. My energy felt refilled but I didn’t want to push too much. I took a 6 min savasana and left the shala with such gratitude to my teacher.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 3/12/19(Tue) from 06:53 to 08:20

Teacher: Anne


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