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Mysore practice 3/10/19

It is the National Foundation Day of Korea.. so it's a day off!! Yay! I woke up later than usual and got to the shala around 7:20am. I placed my mat on the second row far inside the room. Lynne came and asked me about my bandhas. I said I don't know and have to see how it goes. Even from surya namaskar I felt a bit tired and I was blaming myself sleeping late last night... (so excited about day off;;) Standing was good I tried to shorten the distance of feet in trikonasana. Utthita hasta padangusthasana was done alone;;; My left standing leg felt super weak though I managed to do it. Right standing leg was okay. So... my bandhas are slowly coming back!! Today twisting in marichyasana C and D felt more difficult. Ha.... I ate cooked food late and maybe this is why... :-( Anyways I did it nonetheless. Bujapidasana was okay okay and supta kurmasana was also okay okay. Transition always feels stronger after supta kurmasana than bujapidasana. Lynne told me to be easy on supta and she pushed me on the back. It felt so good. Garbha pindasana rolling was good today. Though I felt no bandhas whatsoever in ubhaya padangusthasana;; Well.. On the third try I could come up. Setu bandhasana felt okay. These days I feel a lot on my head somehow. I did two bridge and one urdhva dhanurasana. On the second bridge, Lynne told me to stretch arms over the head. It was a good stretch but it was harder. I almost forgot to do sarvangasana and following asanas... I was ready to do sirsasana and quickly changed to shoulder stand :-) I think I stayed quite long in inversion today. I breathed very slowly and stayed more than 30 breaths. In half bend.. it was 15 but very slow 15. I took a 10 min savasana and realised Lynne had already left!! Awww... It was a very nice practice with my teachers' caring. It's so nice!! What a lovely and relaxing morning...!

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 3/10/19(Thu) from 07:25 to 09:10

Teacher: Lynne


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