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Mysore practice 29/9/19

It has been actually 1 month since I practiced with my teachers last time.. so I took a really long break. As I was recovering very slow.. I couldn't practice. Even after Kino's workshop my body didn't feel it was ready. But today I went to practice. It was really nice feeling. I told Lynne about my situation and she told me to practice gently. I skipped some vinyasas in seated asanas. Because I was taking extra breaths and being conscious of having a gentle practice, it felt quite good. It actually felt healing. My healing practice :-) I was so shocked to see my wobbly utthita hasta padangusthasana.. Lynne helped me to do it. Other than then, standing was good. Seated was good too but I found it difficult to twist. Maybe.. because of late dinner last night. Navasana was hard but kind of same level as before. In Supta kurmasana Lynne just helped me to have feet together in the middle. Though I managed to lift my body and did the transition to jump back without touching the mat. I skipped setu bandhasana and did bridge instead of urdhva dhanurasana. Drop back was also skipped. I focused a lot on my breathing and also little bit of bandhas. Closing was same as usual and I stayed 30 breathes in sirsasana and 15 in half bend. Because it was a gentle practice, I felt so comfortable and light in head stand. I loved the feeling. I did a gentle utplitih and took a 10 min savasana. It was really good to be back at the shala to practice under my teacher's guidance.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 29/9/19(Sun) from 08:00 to 09:40

Teacher: Lynne


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