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Mysore practice 27/5/19

I woke up super late but managed to take the bus right after my usual bus. So I arrived at the shala late. I already made up my mind to have a fast-paced practice. I didn't sit and I started directly after rolling out the mat. Since Sunday I could feel a bit of pain on my right knee so was worried about the practice. But it went well. I don't really remember any moment that my right knee felt like a problem. My body felt not so light though. I think busy teaching schedule really makes difference in my own practice. Today was a very special day because I touched my fingers in supta kurmasana! Yes! I felt it was coming and today was the day!!! I couldn't still hold my fingers/hands together but still.. touching is a big improvement I was waiting for :-) Hehe Pashasana is still very hard.. I really don't know when this will come to me but let's not be ambitious and just keep practicing. And... drop back and come up, I tried with a blanket and bolster. I was still afraid to go all the way down on my own. So Lynne came and assured me she was there. Ah... it felt so easier with her there. I still need to overcome this fear. Fear of falling alone. Anyways I think I will keep practicing this way from now on. Then one day... I will be able to do it without thinking, and without feeling fear. Another great (but a bit hasty) practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 27/5/19(Mon) from 06:50 to 08:18

Teacher: Lynne


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