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Mysore practice 27/11/19

I really need to practice today. My body and mind needed it. Maybe it was the impact of the new moon energy. I felt a bit guilty not teaching my own class this morning but I really needed to practice. I got to the shala slightly earlier than usual. Anne and Giuseppe were just entering when I got there. I placed my mat on the usual spot and directly started. I felt so good and light. I ate a bit less than usual last night and it was showing. Though my stomach was making some sounds;;; Oh.. before the practice, Anne talked about the balance poses in the room. I was a bit scared that she was thinking the same thing as I did. I always thought it’s maybe that dim light, or white wall or the mat that were affecting my balance. Anne said it might be the floor or anything. But as she said, whatever it is it’s challenging us to do balance. I was happy to hear that it was not only me who’s been having this issue. Standing was all good. I took some time in surya namaskar breathing. It was so good and yummy. My twist felt a bit shallow/weak in parsvakonasana B but it was still okay. Prasaritta padottanasana felt deep and Anne’s push in C was heaven. Left foot balance in utthita hasta padangusthasana was… funny. I did it with Anne’s help. Right foot was more stable. Utkatasana is feeling all right these days. I think I am sitting down more and elongating side and spine more. Seated felt light today. My jump back and through (though it’s not totally ‘through’) felt so light today… I really liked the feeling. Marichyasana D first side felt a bit tricky and I made it again. Navasana is getting stronger I feel but I still need to fold the mat. Bujapidasana was same, supta kurmasana was another heaven……. Transitions were smooth. Garbha pindasana, baddha konasana were same as usual. I just loved the feeling of forward bend… I mean.. I like the back bend too but forward bend really feels like ‘healing’. All the rolling ups were smooth. Setu bandhasana was okay. I am really getting better on my feet part. Heels were not falling apart and I think at least 2-3 toes from each foot were touching the mat. But I don’t usually stay here long as I don’t want to feel too much on the neck. I guess.. maybe in Sharathji’s count, 3. Pashasana was done with Anne’s help. Actually I feel I am getting better here too. I mean.. I still get Anne’s help but I feel more stable. I don’t totally depend on her. Krounchasana was same. Shalabhasana felt a tiny bit deeper… Bhekasana….!!! I didn’t do preparation this time and went directly to the pose. Hahahah I could hold both feet with fingers pointing front but lifting my chest was very difficult. Anne came to save(?!) me. With her help, this pose is amazing. Alone, it’s hell!! Back bend today was WOW. I really liked back bend practice today. I don’t think I did deep in urdhva dhanurasana but it felt so good. Throughout the practice I felt my heart was quite open and this did something in back bend. On the third one, I lifted up at the 2nd attempt with feet more or less stable. And I did drop back practice directly. I am preparing myself for Mysore where teachers won’t allow me to take pauses…. In short, it went well. I didn’t really pause too much and my feet were not all the time stable but okay enough. At least I didn’t spring forward. Half roll and supposedly catching with Anne felt the deepest today. I walked my hands quite vigorously(?!) and almost touch the heels. I felt a bit of pinching pain in the lower back so I stopped. I breathed there and came up. It was really sweet. Anne gave me a good push in paschimattanasana and I did the shoulder stand sequence. This time I tried to remain conscious and counted. I counted somewhere between 10 and 15 for each pose. Sirsasana felt good so I stayed about 35 and 20 in half bend. I stayed 12 breaths in utplitih and went to savasana directly. Without realising, I took a 7 min rest… It really felt like a healing practice today and I was filled with healing and beautiful energy.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 27/11/19(Thu) from 06:55 to 08:27

Teacher: Anne


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