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Mysore practice 27/10/19

It was such a hectic day I couldn’t write my practice journal. In short, it was a nice practice (as usual). Things I remember…. Hmm… I got a good push in prasaritta padottanasana C and also with turned hands. Uttitha hasta padangusthasana felt okay but Anne still helped me. It was good. All the seated felt nice and I was holding my wrist in all marichyasana series. Navasana was done with folded mat (as usual) but I tried to waste less time. I think now I can hold straight legs a bit longer. Bujapidasana was okay. Supta kurmasana and transition felt really nice. Ha! Garbha pindasana was same. All the rolling was fine and this time Anne showed me how to do rolling in ubhaya padangusthasana. It made sense but sometimes it’s just my weird tailbone/sacrum area that makes balancing difficult. But I was very grateful that Anne showed me this. Setu bandhasana felt quite deep today. In back bend, I didn’t feel really deep and at ease. I mean.. I felt quite peaceful in urdhva dhanurasana but wasn’t as deep as before. I tried to lift up from the third one but gave up because my heart was pumping already quite fast. I did three drop backs and come up (only the last one with the grounded feet) and Anne helped me half rolls. I walked my hands a bit closer to the ankle. She told me in Mysore they will make me walk the hands… It’s a bit scary but we will see how it goes. She gave me a good push in paschimattanasana. I stayed 30 and 20 breaths in sirsasasana and half bend. I took a very sweet 6 min savasana. Luckily Monica and I ended the practice at the same time so we had some time to chat. It was another nice practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 27/10/19(Sun) from 07:55 to 09:30

Teacher: Anne


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