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Mysore practice 26/12/19

I arrived at yoga room by 7:20am. I was afraid of my heavy stomach but it was not as bad as I'd thought. I felt a bit stiff in the beginning and was not really sweating from the beginning. It was nice to practice next to Alice today. I think I took enough time to do surya namaskars. Utthita hasta padangusthasana was stable enough but not so nice... I tried to point my toes but it was still very hard. Seated was okay. I again, took enough time to stay in pose. Navasana was hard as my tailbone was hurting to the maximum... ha... :-( So I folded my mat 2-3 times to have enough cushion. Supta kurmasana was done again in seated and Nick helped me to cross the ankles. I liked this transition but it is hard. I didn't forget my supta konasana.... All the rolling up was okay. Setu bandhasana felt quite deep. Pashasana was done alone but Nick came and helped me. Bhekasana was bwerk(뷁!) hahahaha. Back bend was okay and I lifted up from the third urdhva dhanurasana and started drop back directly. Today I was a bit hyperventilating. Ha... I thought this was gone but today it was back. Lucien helped me half roll and catching. He told em to keep walking my hands. It was hard but I didn't push myself to the point where I hurt my back too much. I stayed in sarvangasana sequence very calmly. Sirsasana and half bend were 30 and 30 breaths....!! I always take relatively shorter savasana in yoga room. It was 6 min and was enough. It was a nice holiday practice :-)

At Yoga Room Defacqz on 26/12/19 (Thu) from 07:22 to 08:51

Teacher: Nick


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