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Mysore practice 25/11/19

It was a difficult and sad morning. I was reading the FB feed as usual before I went to the shala. Another K-pop star committed suicide yesterday. I was not a big fan of her but I felt for her... So I dedicated the practice to these two beautiful young souls and to all the ladies in Korea.

I had pain in my right pelvis. It was not minor. It was hurting even when I was still. I was a bit worried but the practice was not as different as I'd imagined. I got very warm from surya namaskar B. My mind and breathing were calmer today. Standing was done quickly and seated felt also calm. I was feeling my pelvis more but didn't have any choice. I almost omitted purvattanasana... haha. Navasana was painful with sacrum... but I am actually getting better in straightening legs. So it's a good sign. Bujapidasana felt light and supta kurmasana with Anne's help felt amazing. I tried to make as little noise as possible in garbha pindasana rolling. All the rolling up was okay but I came with bent legs in urdhva mukha paschimattanasana. But I didn't try it again.. Today's setu bandhasana was special. My heels were together and I was almost touching the mat with whole feet. This was definitely a different pose! Indeed... practice, practice, practice and all is coming. Pashasana was done with Anne's help. Heels down still seems....... near impossible. In bhekasana, I could feel my pubic bones and it was painful. When I was doing preparation with one leg each, Anne told me to hold onto both feet. When I do that I can't make my chest really lifted... Anyways Anne was there to help me and she gave me a very good tip. I make more or less dhanurasana first and push the feet down. It was still hard but Anne helped me to go deeper in the pose. If done in a correct way, this can be a very nice asana... :-) Back bend was so so and I sprung so much forward when I lifted from the third urdhva dhanurasana. It's not good... Gayoung...... Coming up doesn't matter! Now.. focus more on having strong legs and feet!!! Ha... Drop back and come up was done without pause. Only on the second one I came with firm feet. Half roll and attempt to catch was good. I felt I went deeper than usual. When in paschimattanasana, I didn't really feel lower back pain as usual which means I am getting better. Shoulder stand sequence was done in, again, not so conscious way. I always lose the track of my breathing count here. Always! Hmmmmmm I think I am just too overwhelmed after the drop back practice. Sirsasana felt light so I stayed very slow 30 breaths but half bend felt a bit hard so I think I stayed short 20. Again, in utplitih I felt light so stayed slow 12 breaths. I started early today and had some extra min for savasana. It was sweet. I thought of females of Korea again and left the shala.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 25/11/19(Mon) from 06:52 to 08:30

Teacher: Anne


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