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Mysore practice 24/8/19

As the bus timetable is a bit tricky during weekend, I was hurrying myself to get ready. On the way to the shala I met Giuseppe and we walked together. I placed my mat again on the second row to the left side. My body was not so sore and felt better than yesterday. Today Sharmila helped me in utthita hasta padangusthasana. Standing sequence was good and I put a lot of focus on straightening my arms. And from seated.. I got quickly tired. I felt my body was heavy and I was sweating a lot. Even from very beginning (ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana), I felt super heavy. And for a second I was worried whether the temperature would be like this in India. As I felt heavy, I took time in vinyasas and making asanas. After some vinyasas I just paused and took extra breaths. I didn't really realised towards the end that it was also due to the heat in the room. The room felt very hot and steamy. In marichyasana B and D I was still being careful with my left foot. I still feel the pain on the top of the foot but found a way to do with feeling less pain. Navasana felt better than before. I still had pain in the sacrum/tailbone area but not so much. For me to do this better is just to have stronger bandhas...... In supta kurmasana, I was waiting for Sharmila to come and cross my ankles but in the end I just went for transition. I am not really sure whether the day I will cross my ankles myself will come. It just seems super hard. I kept my setu bandhasana a bit shorter and.... the back bend was okay. I didn't feel I did it deeper like yesterday. And for the drop back, I failed to come up on the first one. But I did it three times in a row. This is such an intense practice that makes my heart pumping really fast. Whenever I drop back, Lynne's voice is playing in my head :-) And when come up, Sharmila's in my head. Haha. Although my back bend didn't feel as deeper, it still felt good. I should well take care of my back and also feet ;-) In the closing sequence, I felt a bit exhausted and to be frank.. it was a bit lousy. Though surprisingly sirsasana felt lighter than other days. Half bend was a bit harder and I stayed less than 15 breaths. I think around 11-12. I stayed super long is baddha padmasana. Utplitih was also weak and I had a very nice 10-min savasana.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 24/8/19(Sat) from 06:25 to 08:10

Teacher: Sharmila Desai


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