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Mysore practice 23/5/19

Today I was second to arrive at the shala. This time I took my very worn out liforme mat. Lynne, the lady who arrived before me and I had a small chat about our husband and laughed before starting the practice. After my second surya namaskar A, Lynne mentioned that I should lift my legs off in updog. I told her 'yes, my legs are always off' and she said she saw it was on. So I put special attention to feel my legs. And indeed, Lynne was right! My thighs were not really touching firmly on the mat but brushing when I transit from chaturanga to updog. After prasarita padottanasana C, I told her she was right and we laughed a bit. I got a very firm hands on from Lynne in supta kurmasana. I had the same feeling as the other day, my hands are reaching closer. My ankles were crossed behind the neck. Today I did drop back and come up with Lynne's help (still...!) but I thought.... maybe I can do at least drop back alone. Come up is still tricky but at least..... I should be brave and not think about falling on the head (fear! the great fear!) and just try. Okay next time, I will take a bolster and try at least drop back alone. I CAN DO IT! --- another grateful morning guided by my great teacher.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 23/5/19(Thu) from 06:35 to 08:20

Teacher: Lynne


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