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Mysore practice 22/8/19

Again, I slept quite early last night and today I woke up even before the alarm. I got ready and left home around 5:55am. I felt a bit cold and was constantly sneezing in the metro. When I arrived at the shala there were less people. I placed my mat on the second row next to Giuseppe. I usually place my mat on the right side of the room but today it was left. Unlike yesterday we started practicing before chanting. When Sharmila arrived, we chanted together. Due to my 10-day break from practice, my body felt so sore and little bit stiff. I was so determined to practice everyday in Korea but my promise was not kept when I went to Japan. The heat in Tokyo was even worse than Korea and as I had to do sightseeing and a lot of walking, my body was just too tired to practice. I am such a bad practitioner! haha! But irrespective of my sore body... I felt my body was more open than yesterday. In general the practice felt better than yesterday. But my bandhas were still away from home. Standing was same as usual though my utthita hasta padangusthasana felt unstable. It was really funny to notice this difference from Korea and here... In Korea I felt so stable! But now I think again.. it might have been the mat. In Korea I used different type of mat and even put two together. So there was more cushion. Maybe this cushion made easier to do one legged balancing poses. Sharmila gave hands on virabhadrasana B. She made my bent leg more bent. Her adjustments were very gentle yet confirming (if I can say so;;). All the seated was good and I took enough time in each asana. Navasana was bad and Sharmila made my toes more pointy. Since Sharathji’s workshop... I get a lot of adjustment on my toes!! So funny! I should really take well care of my toes and feet :-) Bujapidasana was so-so and transition was bad. Sharmila again crossed my ankles in supta kurmasana. I mean.. I can’t do this alone but I just love this asana. I feel so calm and I am being only with myself in this asana. Rolling up in ubbhaya padnagusthasana happened at the 2nd attempt. Hmm... my bandhas are really somewhere else! Though in urdhva mukha paschimottanasana rolling up, I did it at one go with straightish legs ;-) Setu bandhasana felt good too. Back bend was nice too.... These days I really feel that my back bend is getting deeper. When I stood up for drop back, Sharmila came and told me to wait for her for half roll. I took time to do my dropbacks. And.. guess what......... today...... I could do all three drop back and come up with my feet grounded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t spring forward!!!!!!!!!! I was super happy and again my heart was pumping like crazy. Haha. Sharmila came and I did three half rolls before dropping back. I tried to walk my hands closer to my feet and I had this feeling that I was seeing my heels. Maybe it was really my heels or her feet. Anyways I felt my back bend was much deeper than usual. It was so nice with her help. I thanked her and did paschimottanasana before moving to the next room. Closing sequence was same as usual. But my sirsasana felt still weak. I managed 30 breaths but half bend was only 10.. This time, I didn’t lose control and finished it graciously. Utplitih was 11 breaths.. haha :-) I took a very nice 8-min savasana. It was another nice practice. I am just happy to be back, to be able to practice and to be surrounded by ashtanga energy :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 22/8/19(Thu) from 06:25 to 08:00

Teacher: Sharmila Desai


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