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Mysore practice 22/10/19

Today I went to Nick’s class. We had a small chat about Mysore…! I placed my mat on the back row and started almost directly. I took time in standing sequence. Everything was good and I was very, very (according to my standard) stable in utthita hasta padangusthasana. Nick told me to look at the toes in folding so I put my chin on the leg. It was possible alone…! For a short moment I was thinking.. maybe it’s not only the mat but also the colour of the room which makes my balancing different. Anyways I tried to jump and land as quiet as possible thinking of Lynne’s advice. In the seated sequence I felt so light. My jumping through felt so light… This was probably because of my empty stomach. It was a good decision not to eat after teaching. Today I didn’t forget my purvattanasana and try to engage my thighs inwards. In all marichyasana, I was holding my wrist. Navasana was good. From the third one, I folded the mat to practice. Bujapidasana was okay. Supta kurmasana was awesome. Nick gave me a tip to point my toes. Oh… so this should be the way. I was always locking my ankles by flexing my feet. So from now on I should point more and stay there with my bandhas.. not with my locked ankles…! Transition was okay. I stayed a bit longer in titibhasana. Garbha pindasana was okay although I was making too much noise;;; Rolling up today was again awesome!! I could come up in a relatively stable position with straight legs. Setu bandhasana was okay too. Again, I focused a lot to have my thighs rotating inwards. Pasasana was hard… Nick helped me and it felt better. Krounchasana was good as usual. Shalabhasana felt a bit hard but it was okay. My heart was already pumping and I did urdhva dandasana carefully. I could lift up from the last one. Yes! After second or third drop back, Nick told me not to move my feet…. Ha… After my third drop back/come up, he told me to do it again until I make three without moving my feet….. Arghghghgghghgh!! I did two more and finally on the second(so fifth) one, my feet were firmly grounded. He gave me a tip to swing more… So I have at least two projects from now on. First to have pointy toes in supta kurmasana and second to come up with firm feet…! I did half roll and Nick moved my hands near my heels. After this he gave me a very nice push and massage on the lower back. So nice! Shoulder stand sequence was finished and I moved onto inversion. I felt again surprisingly light…. So it really matters what you eat the night before! I stayed very slow 30 breaths in sirsasana and about 22 in half bend. I felt super stable and calm in half bend and wanted to stay more. But I just lifted my legs again to sirsasana before coming down. I took very calm and slow breaths in utplitih. It was a really lovely practice. I took a 6 min savasana and thanked Nick. Such a nice practice. I just love his energy and his tips!! I feel so lucky to have great teachers!!!!

At Yoga Room Defacqz on 22/10/19(Tue) from 06:50 to 08:25

Teacher: Nick


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