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Mysore practice 22/1/2020

Yesterday’s talk with Lynne made me feel better with my catching practice. I decided, and told myself several times that I don’t need to worry about catching. If my back feels bad, I simply don’t do it. My practice was really nice, both asana and mental wise. I was relaxed and my body felt super. Olivia was right behind me and Anna, Ayase, and one Korean lady were on the same row. So nice to have familiar ones nearby :-) I was sweating a lot and it was a good kind of sweat. I felt more energised and felt even happy that my back was okay. I guess I was unconsciously checking my back. Standing was good, and I smiled once to Olivia and after that I tried not to lose my drishti (haha). Also I thought and focused a lot on my mula bandha. It is really good to have your teacher here.. I thought a lot about what Lynne had taught me. Seated was good as usual. When I was in supta kurmasana, Alyson helped me cross my ankles. She told me to try along tomorrow. She was really sweet. In Garbha pindasana she helped me with my right arm. I was touching both ears (part of them). I was so so so happy. All the rolling ups were good and steady. I stayed short in setu bandhasana and went on to practice pasasana. It was actually better than I thought. My heels were still off but twisting felt good. Urdhva dhanurasana felt okay. I didn’t feel much on the back. Come up was okay. Much better than yesterday. Drop back come up was okay but I sprung forward on the third one. I did catching with Daria. I told her I have a lower back pain and Sharathji next to me joked about the back. He said something like ‘you have a back so back pain is normal’...... I had to laugh. I was laughing a bit when I was doing half rolls. Catching was okay and I tried to breath slowly. I stayed there 2-3 breaths and came up. It was okay. She gave me a good push. I did a very conscious closing. During the closing practice, I felt like I can go home now.. and it was not because I hate being here but because I just miss my husband and there are so many things to arrange. I think 1 month in Mysore is good for me. 2 months alone without family will be too much. I really do hope that next year my mum and husband can join me... :-) I stayed 50 and 20 in sirsasana and half bend. And I didn’t lie down but just stayed seated. It was a very nice practice, (half) freed from all the worries about catching... :-)

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 22/1/20 (Wednesday) 8:15 - 9:40

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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