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Mysore practice 21/8/19

As I went to bed at around 8pm, I had a very good night sleep. I woke up with alarm and immediately started to get ready. I arrived at the shala just before 6:30am and placed my mat on the 4th row. Unlike Peter Sanson’s workshop, we chanted all together before we started practicing. My body was warm enough and I could touch my knees with forehead from the 1st surya namaskar. Everything was good and I felt energised. In parsvakonasana, Sharmila adjusted my arm (a bit higher and palm more facing down). This was different adjustment from Peter Sanson. Interesting. My utthita hasta padangusthasana felt very weak. I couldn’t balance well on the first side. So it took some time to do everything well. Second side was okay. I don’t remember exactly from where but I became a bit tired and felt heavy during seated asana. My left ankle and the top of the foot were still hurting so I took some time to make marichyasana B and D. Navasana was painful as my tailbone/sacrum area’s pain is really bad these days. Transition to jump back in bujapidasana was so-so. In supta kurmasana, Sharmila crossed my ankle in a very gentle way. Her presence in the room was very calming and serene. Throughout the practice, I felt I lost a bit of bandhas. I couldn’t engage very well of my bandhas. In ubhaya padangusthasana rolling, I could do at third attempt. It was weird. And in urdhva mukha paschimottanasana rolling, Sharmila told me to do it again with straight legs. Actually it was good. I did it at one go with straight legs. Setu bandhasana was okay. I felt so good in urdhva dhanurasana. I even felt a bit light. After..... I tried my drop back/ come up. short, I made a good progress. I didn’t have any problem dropping back 3 times and 2 times I came up with my feet firmly grounded. First and third come up was beautiful. But the second one.. I couldn’t come up. My heart was pumping like crazy. I was so happy and after paschimottanasana I moved to the next room for closing sequence. My body felt healvy and I could see my big tummy. My big tummy.... from the Korea trip. I felt unstable in sirsasana though I did 30 breaths. Half bend was only 12 breaths and I lost control at the end. Here.. I could really feel my bandhas are out. Grrrrr. Utplitih was calm 10 breaths. After savasana I saw Lynne in the main room and gave a big hug. It was really good to see my teachers and to be on my mat!

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 21/8/19(Wed) from 06:30 to 08:10

Teacher: Sharmila Desai


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