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Mysore practice 21/11/19

I overslept and was late for my practice. I placed my mat on the unusual spot (but which was nice for a change), and directly started surya namaskar. I knew I should not waste time but I think I went a bit too fast. I sensed I was catching up with others and even advancing.. ha... But at least I tried to breathe deeply! Anne gave me a good push in prasaritta padottanasana C and nice hands on utthita hasta padangusthasana (as always). I was a bit wobbly in ardha baddha padmottanasana which was unusual! Standing was good and seated was also good. Today I was sweating from beginning. I guess the room was already warmed up. What a nice advantage! Jumping back and through felt a bit heavy though. But I didn't think about this too much as my mind was more on my bandhas. I tried to feel the difference in my bandhas today. Today again I was doing marichyasana D before C .... where is the meditation Gayoung!!! Grrrr... But luckily I quickly realised and changed it. Navasana was okay. Bujapidasana didn't feel right but did it anyways. Transition on the other hand was okay. Kurmasana good, supta kurmasana with Anne's help super good. Garbha pindasana was hard. My rolling was again very rough. All other asanas were flowing. Today's setu bandhasana felt quite good. I still felt this pinching sensation in the neck but my whole feet were almost touching the ground. Not only the edges of the feet. Pashasana was done with Anne's help. Krounchasana was good. Shalabhasana felt deep. Bhekasana is... E^$%^^#$%% I don't know what to say... It seems so hard. Though now I can hold my feet and turn fingers forward. This one came faster than I thought. But pushing onto the pelvis and lifting my chest.... still seems impossible. Luckily Anne came and helped me to lift. What a nice feeling. Back bend didn't feel deep enough today. On the last urdhva dhanurasana round, I wanted to lift up but I fail. I fail big time. I fell on my head and made a super big sound.......... I was laughing out of embarrassment and amusement and some students laughed too. I was glad I could make some people laugh. ahhahahah. I was not offended at all! Anne or Lynne asked me whether I was okay. I said 'yes!' and went into urdhva dhanurasna again. I was so determined. I lifted in the end, without falling onto my head. YES! Now I am writing about this... I feel like I am having a concussion hahahahahahahahahahahah Drop back and come up 3 times without too much pause was done! My feet were not always firmly pressed but in any case it was done! Half roll and drop felt not so deep as the other day. But I was glad I could still see my heels. I am glad I am getting comfortable with this practice. I just need to be more comfortable with setu bandhasana, pashasana and bhekasana.......................!!! I took a very brief savasana and left the room. Oh it was also good to practice next to Monica <3

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 21/11/19(Thu) from 07:15 to 08:40

Teacher: Anne


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