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Mysore practice 21/1/2020

I felt very tired today. And I was already worried about back bend and catching practice. Ha... my body got super warm soon and I actually enjoyed the practice. My belly was making sounds like an orchestra but somehow body felt light. But at the same time I was worried maybe my active belly would affect my back bend practice. My mind was busy because of this.. Overall the practice was same as usual like the ones in Brussels. I used to have a busy daily life (morning practice, 9-5 daily work, every evening trading) and my practice would feel same as the one today. Weird. Alyson helped me in supta kurmasana and it was quite nice. All the transitions were nice. I was still worrying about back bend and catching. I didn’t imagine I could have a nightmare about my practice.... :-( Somehow today’s practice felt very quickly done. I was already in setu badhasana when I realised the scary part is so close. Though Urdhva dhanurasana felt okay. I walked my hands close even. But I couldn’t come up easily so I almost landed on the lady next to me. I felt so sorry... Without any hesitation I directly went for drop back. My drop back and come up practice was ‘shit’....!! I was just worried too much about my back and couldn’t engage legs properly. When I came up from the last one, Sharathji told me ‘you are dancing’. Arghhhhhh I just had to smile wide and wrap my face with hands feeling so funny and a bit shy. Michael came to help me catch. I told him I have a lower back pain and he asked me to drop hands. I went down almost but the pain was too great so I came up. He said ‘one more time?’ So I said ‘yes’. He told me to bend knees more. It was actually quite okay. OMG. I could stay there breathing calmly for like 3-4 breaths. I was surprised at myself. I could still feel my lower back but not as bad as I’d imagined. I came up and thanked him. And his heavenly push in paschimattanasana made me feel again very calm and nourished. It was interesting to notice how much you trust the person makes a huge difference in the practice. First time he helped me I was doubting (because he looked so skinny) and my catching was really bad. Second time I tried with him it was really good. Third time (which is today) I tried it was super good. I was very grateful to him. My back was a bit in pain but not so much. I was happy. I did the closing with very thankful heart. I stayed only 35 and 20 breaths in sirsasana and half bend. But I felt strong again in utplitih so stayed very conscious and full 15 breaths. In the resting, I actually closed my eyes and lied there for at least 3 minute. I think it was my longest rest since I got here. My body felt tired and my eyelids felt heavy. It was nice in front of the windows and I could feel very soft breeze. I might have danced in my drop back and come up practice (haha;;) but I didn't get frustrated nor disappointed. I was just so happy and felt grateful that I can practice. Another grateful morning.......! <3

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 21/1/20 (Tuesday) 8:20 - 9:40 (Miho checked the time for me!)

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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