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Mysore practice 20/12/19

I felt very heavy and tired. These days we sleep late and it affects my morning feeling. On top of that I ate a lot last night... Indeed it was a bit of a sloppy practice. My body felt stiff and heavy so I focused a lot on breathing. It was interesting to notice that whenever I feel stiff or tired, my balance poses get very stable. In utthita hasta padangusthasana I wasn't really wobbly and in ardha baddha padmottanasana as well. Lynne gave me a good adjustment in virabhadrasana B. Seated felt heavy so I skipped some jumps. Walking is good to preserve some energy. All the rolling were good today but back bend was no good. Oh yes.. I was feeling lower back pain on the right side all along the practice. It was annoying and I was afraid for Mysore... I really hoped this pain would go away. Let's see on Sunday how I would feel. I didn't do drop back and come up practice and Lynne asked me whether I've done it. I though I don't practice this on Fridays... but maybe next time I can still try. Sirsasana and half bend felt super stable so I stayed 30 breaths each. I could've stayed longer but I had to leave on time. My body still felt not so well but at least I was happy that I could come and practice. It felt weird I will see Lynne in Mysore. I regret not being able to come and practice yesterday(Thursday) to see Anne before I leave for Mysore.. But I got her teaching with me all the time so.... :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 20/12/19(Fri) from 06:55 to 08:30

Teacher: Lynne


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