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Mysore practice 2/12/19

I was happy to go to the shala today (I think… almost every day). I skipped my practice yesterday so I was excited to be back. It was interesting to notice that my body wasn’t so warm today. I didn’t sweat much. I took extra breaths in surya namaskar. Anne came and saved me in utthita hasta padangusthasana! Haha Seated was good and I felt so light in jumping through. I didn’t want to engage too much bandhas today so jumping back was so so. Purvattanasana felt quite good. Anne pushed me in triang mukha ekapada paschimattanasana. I tried to jump with one leg straight this time. Janu sirsasana felt deep and marichyasana was good too. Navasana was okay. I folded the mat for the last 3 three ones. Bujapidasana didn’t feel so deep and I think it was because of my oily skin. Last night I applied some oil in my body and it was a bit slippery. Kurmasana good, supta kurmasana with Anne’s help was super. Transition was okay. Garbha pindasana rolling was rough… Ha… But at least thanks to the oily arm, my right hand was closer to ear today. Baddha konasana was good and upa vista konasana felt healing. All the rolling up was smooth today. I was happy. Setu bandhasana was done for 2 breaths. I didn’t want to stay longer today. Pashasana first side was done alone with heels off the mat but the second one was done with Anne’s help. It feels so much easier with her help. Krounchasana okay. I really focused on pointing my foot. Oh today Anne taught me how to properly point my foot. Ha.. this reminded me of Sharathji. He also pointed on my foot twice!! So even after the practice, my focus was on my foot. Pointy foot and inner arch in the foot.. haha. This will be the theme for the next few weeks. Holding my feet and turning the fingers front in bhekasana seems okay now. I feel comfortable doing it. But lengthening my tailbone long and down, lifting my chest up, and pressing the legs down seem….. so……… gfskfjlej#WFSFsa Arghghhhh. With Anne’s help, it feels super good but I don’t know whether I will be ever able to do this alone. Pashasana and bhekasana are the ones that I find impossible for me. My back bend didn’t feel deep but at least I felt so good in the pose. Opening heart and breathing deeply were meditating. But I didn’t lift myself up from the third one. I wanted to preserve the energy and didn’t want to have too fast beating heart. Drop back and come up was quite okay today. No pauses, no spring forward. My feet were not always firmly grounded but they didn’t move much. Half roll and supposedly catching was not as deep as last time. I could feel pinching pain in my lower back and I think Anne could see it. She told me it’s enough today. I was glad and a bit relieved. In any case.. my body was not ready to go deeper today. Sarvangasana sequence was done with careful breaths and I stayed 30 and 15 breaths each in sirsasana and half bend. I felt a bit tired toward the practice. Utplitih was also not long and I did the closing surya and chanted mantra (only with lips). I took a very nice savasana without worrying too much about time. As I had to go to hospital today I didn’t need to hurry to work. It was a great practice.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 2/12/19(Mon) from 06:50 to 08:30

Teacher: Anne


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