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Mysore practice 2/1/2020

Second practice day in Mysore. I slept really well and was ready for practice. I don't know how long we waited but it was same as yesterday. The 8:30 batch all got in at the same time. There were still people from the 7:30 batch waiting to practice. Today I waited long to place my mat. When I stood up after the 'one more' call, I went directly near Sharathji. And he scolded at me to go back where the free space was. He was like... 'you came from there to here and you didn't see the space?' So I said 'no'. And he told me to drink coffee.............!!! It was good. Hot, sweaty and at times I had again problems with breathing. So I took extra breaths in many asanas. The lady next to me started the practice later than me but she was faster than me. I didn't need to hurry, I just needed to be comfortable. I was on the third row today and I could see Sharathji much more than yesterday. Anna was practicing right behind me. Standing was quite good. I had some shaky legs in the beginning and it reminded me of Olivia. Shaky legs... I mean Gayoung, you've been practising yoga for many years!! No need to be shaky!!!! <---- I was telling myself. Today's utthita hasta padangusthasana was good. I felt much more stable than yesterday. I had again shaky legs in ardha baddha padmottanasana. This happened already in Copenhagen I remember.... Nonetheless everything was fine in the standing sequence. Seated was good. I was sweating like crazy and my hair was on my face like wet seaweed...... Again I could jump with straight right leg on triang mukha ekapada paschimattanasana. Yes! I was taking extra breaths in marychiasana.... and I could feel that my transition got super quick. Now the air is warm so is my body thus twisting was super easy. Navasana was okay.... I folded my mat again. Bujapidasana was okay. Today someone came to cross my ankles in supta kurmasana. I was super happy. I loved the transition today. Another beautiful firefly... :-) Garbha pindasana rolling was smooth but not as much as yesterday. All the rolling ups were good today. I was happy. Setu bandhasana was okay but I felt my neck so directly came down after 5th breath. Back bend was okay. I lifted up from the third one but my feet were not grounded. Nonetheless I did it without fear. Drop back and come up was good. I don't feel super comfortable with this practice yet but at least it became the asana that I am looking forwards to it. When I came up from the third one there was no one but one assistant came to me. I wanted the assistant who helped me yesterday but he was already busy with the person next to me. My elbows were falling to the sides and he couldn't have me hold my ankle this time. Sharathji was giving instructions to him. I dropped my hands and walked my hands. It was hard. And when I was about to do paschimattanasana, Sharathji explained how I should have elbows bent and told me to stand. So I stood. Another catching. This time with Sharathji. Today I could hold my ankles more firmly than yesterday. I could already something in my lower back. But I stayed with a bit heavy breaths. I came up and said 'thank you very much Sharathji'. He gave me a good push and I moved to the closing area. This time I was not so conscious (which means I was not counting). But I stayed long enough in all the sarvangasana sequence. Sirsasana and half bend were 20 each. I took a very brief savasana and talked to the lady from Gent in the changing room. I wanted to talk to her but she noticed me this time and we had a small chat. It's always nice to see people from Belgium :-) It was a very nice practice and I am a bit overwhelmed that Sharathji helped me catch. I feel a bit on my lower back no so hopefully this won't continue..... A very grateful morning, thanks to my teachers, friends and family who sup

At Sharath Yoga Centre on 2/1/20 (Thu) from ??? to 10:15

Teacher: Sharath Jois


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