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Mysore practice 18/6/19

I should really write my journal right after my practice. It's been only a day but I forgot most of it.. grrr Though I remember arriving again, first at the shala. Lynne and I chatted a bit and I started directly. My body felt stiff, my upper back tight. I could touch my legs in uttanasana from the 3rd surya namaskar. Lynne helped me in utthita hasta padnagusthasana. I tried not to make monkey toes >_< hehe Seated asanas were good but my jump through didn't feel light enough. Anne helped me in supta kurmasana and transition. She had hands around my hips so I could really lift. It was good and now I know what I should aim. Lift the bandhas and make a high crow :-) It will come. In ubbhaya padnagusthasana, I didn't come up at one go. But this time I did it at 3rd. I am sure this is related to my back pain.. :-( In setu bandhasana, it was just impossible to do it.. so I made a modification. My neck and upper back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today's pashasana I didn't get help but I could hold my fingers with heels off the mat... (cheating but.....) Krounchasana also with 'no' monkey toes. I like my shalabhasana. I think it's okay :-) Before drop back, I told Anne about my back pain so she hold me all the way. I was so grateful. She tried around with my lower back/hips and second one on my middle back. I could feel the pain but it wasn't hurting. I think also I was more relaxed mentally with her help. She gave me a really nice push on paschimottanasana <3 I stayed 30 breathes in sirsasana and about 15 in half bend. I felt sooooo light somehow. So the back and neck pain is there but many asanas I don't feel much. But utplitih was a bit hard today so I counted rather quick 10 breaths. I took a brief savasana. Another great practice thanks to my teachers!

73rd practice since September 2018

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 18/6/19(Tue) from 07:40 to 08:20

Teacher: Lynne, Anne


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