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Mysore practice 18/12/19

Spotted on the way to practice - someone's been collecting coins in Maalbeek station

I overslept. I don’t know why I was super tired last night. Though I managed to watch a movie with my husband. So I arrived at the shala at 7am and started my practice at 7:04am. My body felt heavy and stiff but soon it became okay. I was sweating quite a lot. I could feel my right ear getting heated. Though I felt stiff my practice felt stable. I did utthita hasta padangusthasana alone and I was really stable I could hold my legs up quite high. Surprising. Even ardha baddha padmottanasana felt stable…….. So weird how your practice gets different from day to day. Oh maybe it’s non-alcohol night last night (haha). I focused a lot on alignment today. In the seated I became tired…. I didn’t jump back all the time. Many times I just walked. Jump through was okay but jump back was hard. I didn’t want to waste any time in transition so I was moving super fast. At some asanas my breaths were very short. I arrived late so I had to hurry…. :-( My marichyasana C and D first side feel much better these days. It had been always difficult to bind in the first side but these days I feel I could twist more. Navasana was okay. I did it with mat folded. Every asana felt quite good today. All the rolling up was good and Lynne gave me a good push in urdhva mukha paschimattanasana. Setu bandhasana was short… I am a bit afraid how I am going to survive in Mysore…… Am I going to hold the whole 5 breaths here? Grrr let’s not think about it now. Pashasana was done with heels off. I really need to practice this more. Back bend was okay. I didn’t feel much on my lower back. When I don’t think about lifting up, I do really enjoy this asana. I feel so calm as if I am in supta kurmasana. I can focus on my breath here. Lifting from the third one was a bit sloppy but at least I didn’t drop on my head. Drop back come up was a magic today. Wow…. I was very stable. At the third one I didn’t even swing my body and I just came up at one go… I just wish I could be stable like this forever…!!! But let’s not be too attached to having ‘perfect’ asanas. Let’s just enjoy!!!! Half roll and drop was done with Lynne. She came and told me to relax. I just love her approach…!!! I dropped, walked my fingers and stayed at one point where my back was limiting my body. I came up with Lynne’s help. It was a very nice back bend practice. Today… I was conscious in my sarvangasana sequence. I counted in all the poses. It was good. In matsyasana I focused on having my both knees down on the mat. I read it from someone’s blog and since then I do it. It’s amazing how you can learn small things every day. Sirsasana was 30 and half bend 15. I took a brief balasana and moved on to the final poses. I stayed 15 in utplitih and went directly to resting. I took a short 3 min savasana there and left the room. It was really nice and nourishing(again!!) to practice with Lynne. Today I thought a lot about London…….. about my husband and also things Lynne told me about London. It’s exciting and weird at the same time. I don’t know whether I will be smiling or crying when I leave for Mysore.

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 18/12/19(Wed) from 07:04 to 08:20

Teacher: Lynne


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