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Mysore practice 17/11/19

I woke up later than my alarm so was late for my usual time. I started the practice around 8:10am. I felt so light throughout the practice. I had a very early dinner and that was the reason I think. When your stomach is empty, the practice feels better. Standing was good but I wasn't really sweating in the beginning. But towards the end I was sweating like a pig. So it was a good feeling :-) I got help from Anne in utthita hasta padangusthasana and it felt quite stable today. I was just afraid of not doing it okay but today was okay. Actually I worried too much today during the practice. I was worrying about this balance pose, supta kurmasana (because the other day I couldn't hold my fingers as firmly as usual), drop back and bhekasana. OMG Gayoung... why worry? So physical wise I felt super good but mental wise I was worrying too much.. Ah I was also worrying about being late at Yoga Room for my teaching class.... Grrrr. Seated sequence was good as I was feeling light. I put a lot of focus on breathing deeply. I tried navasana on the mat (not folded). Wow.. I did it! But I kept my breaths short. In the first two I didn't feet much on my tailbone area so I continued. From the fourth one I felt a cold/sharp pain but I just did it anyways. Bujapidasana felt light (though transition was same as usual) and kurmasana was good. Anne helped me in supta kurmasana and I was again in heaven...! Garbha pindasana rolling was gentler. All the rolling up was good. When in pashasana, Anne came and helped me to put heels down.. Ha.. This one I just don't expect anything. I just do it till my heels will get closer to the ground. Krounchasana and shalabhasana were same as usual. Bhekasana........ I did some preparation poses, one by one. When I made an 'attempt' to push both feet down, I just couldn't lift my chest up. I couldn't see myself but I could imagine my funny shape. And Anne told me to wait. She came and pushed my pelvis down and open chest. OMG. It felt so good!!! Finally I felt I was in the asana.... I think this one is as hard as pashasana.... :-( I mean... dhanurasana seems much easier than this one.. why are you here already (together with pashasana? hahahahah). And.. back bend was okay. I felt very strong. I could see my heels on the third wheel. I lifted myself up after a couple of tries. And I did drop back and come up 4 times as one time I came on my kneeling position while trying to lift up. These I try to do drop backs without having too much gap. It became faster and I am not afraid. All three times I succeeded with firm feet. Half roll and walking my fingers to heels... was challenging but I did it! After that I did a very conscious sarvangasana sequence and sirsasana. Utplitih felt heavy (finally;;;) so I just stayes 10 breaths. I was out of time so took only a brief 3 min savasana. I thanked Anne and left the shala running to the metro station. It was a hectic day but a beautiful one :-)

At Ashtanga Yoga Brussels on 17/11/19(Sun) from 08:10 to 09:40

Teacher: Anne


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